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autumn wind
the light shining on
looking for fleas

in envelopes
until only mist

after a long nap
he mends
even if cherry-flowers bloom

cool breeze…
a moonlit snowman…
through the pines

i think of the days
shadows of night birds

awoken from sleep
and little waves splash
a butterfly

taking it easy
the warm bedclothes
in the martian sky

an aging willow
dallying under a leaf
of the dragonfly

changing my mind
under trees
from flower to moss

like colourful birds
beneath melting spring snow
this midnight moon

first stanza
your warm breath
a squirrel burrows
before me

a baby hedgehog
the old cherry tree
from the candle

blossoms at night
footprints in frozen mud
lit by a sickle moon

lotus pond
not worth the bother…
when i get old

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