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flopped on the fan
from the garden
of memory

sultry evening
they pelt with snowballs
autumn wind

the spring day
after another
turning into rain

in the empty mountains
the chimney smoke
moonlit night

tied to the pier
an empty snail shell
in envelopes
of the autumn breeze

a faint yellow rose
covering the pears
thief kangaroo!

only violets remain
the scent of dusk
this autumn evening

under my bottom
a bottle stuffed
wiping the mirror

one sock on
on a stone a bottle
until only mist

nearing me slowly
the chimney smoke
what a happy sight

spring breeze
and it passes by

a woman, just one
the taste of tobacco…
in the autumn evening

nothing at all
i remember a love
and it passes by

now we are leaving
not bothered at all…
a snail

thunderheads at dusk
how full of life
shaking off the rain
autumn dusk

little snail
a woman sits alone
cold, cold

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