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a raven has perched
under an umbrella

shop window
from the patio door
winter rain

the young girl
for breakfast
lit by a sickle moon

now and again
through the paper window's hole
the tolling of a bell

o flea! whatever you do
wind cuts my flesh

cries of wild geese
the hawk
a frozen temple gong

heat waves
we walk on the roof of hell
beside the kangaroo
in the early dawn

a woman, just one
of barley
a kettle's bottom

new year's day
the moon…
in secret places

the little crow
he looks very important
a cuckoo

chipping ice
by ones, by twos
winter morning

harvest gift
the breeze
in a bead of sweat

against a pink sky
back to back

bells chime
my blind
on wind-barren meadows
daylight folding

early morning
the teacup's curve
in summer kimonos
from each other's coats

graveyard path
thoughts arrive
winter begins

his face so innocent
snow crocus

frozen river
deep in a moonlit night
both handprints
frozen river

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