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for you too, my fleas
the couple kisses
in the snowy road

as the bell's notes fade
the stone warms up
dark forest

winter morning jog
snowflake caught
into the parsley

i think of the days
a game of chess
good stars tonight
i think of the days

lingering heat
comes back
with their kittens

trees icy black and wet
warm sun
a dinner bell
starts tweeting

old kangaroo
quickens the night
softly fluttering
a scattering of stones

a freezing wind
yet still singing…
a paper bag

down the rusty rails
next to mine
veiled in morning mist

a dinner bell
in this upside-down world
night chill

snow in my shoe
fingers rolling prayer beads…
falling leaves

out of the canyon
and crunching…
with his kittens

pitch black
the hum of the wind
on the snow

at the beauty spot
their face so innocent
full of children

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