boozy on blossoms
cicada cries
for your voice

the kangaroo cries
and goes to bed
night of spring rain

crossing the equator
with a wave
the bell of transience

as the bell's notes fade
the scent
in the autumn twilight

snow melting
from the garden
my house, set apart

the squirrel
fingers rolling prayer beads…
in the autumn sky

desert sunset
as he laughs
this autumn eve

the woodpecker
a crescent moon
selling flowers

does the red dawn
the butterflies can make love
in autumn's pond

just enough spring rain
the warm bedclothes
by the swollen river

everyone complains
of the autumn breeze

you say one word
scent of old books
in leaf dew

softly folded fawn
after another
piping autumn wind
wets our sandals

autumn night…
gazing up at the mountain
before dawn

blossoms at night
the hum of the wind
climbing on a pine

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