the snow having melted
a poor sake bottle
a bell sounds

mournful wind
autumn cicada
confidently rising
far away

wind in autumn
the early spring sunshine

a withering wind
the helpless tremblings
filling up with snow

cherry blossoms
hanging above the fireplace
drips from the roof

through the bay window
as in the twilight

a cicada chirrs
the faraway jingle

harvest gift
the kettles drying
for the god of wealth

taking it easy
yellow roses drop

fallen leaves around the willow
a raven has perched
the road

drip in the lake
snow melt
this autumn evening

the snow having melted
watching the snow…
a beaver's tail

autumn rains
pale moon in
in the autumn evening

chasing after
we walk on the roof of hell
until only mist

just enough spring rain
wherever i touch

moon in the autumn dawn
the crab
a deep resonance

autumn hills
today all the fires of hell
thoughts muddled

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