autumn night…
the bluebirds can make love

up and down the tree
the city street

orion's belt
the dewdrops fall
hungry still

even with insects
warm sun
darkened water
a toad

gloomy autumn day
rabbits huddle
make love

just butterflies
the time to part
of stray dreams

sounds of life
lightening night
autumn dusk is here

the night is long
blows his nose
one by one

after the burial
admires the cherry blossoms

at the entrance
before i met her
in my hand

how comfortable
and crunching…
mountain persimmons

the wolf dances
the thrushes alight
looking for love

quietly weaving
scent of old books
follows the moon

spring cleaning
play the flute
covering the crocus

heat waves
halfway up the stair
then start again

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