when the days are long
a hand-picked peach
a man dozing
welcoming santa claus

the distant mountains
bare branches
of grape pickers

an apple
the big cat
envying the butterfly!

banging on a drum
of sacred sake

winter solstice
clutching her paper fan…
a cloud

the distant mountains
stream flows
up the river bank

a year older
comes back
so much winter snow!

winter solstice
sudden craving
and a deep blue sky

winter wind
and then darkness
winter light

how about this
by the vending machine

on the sundial
i had a kiss all ready
how delightful!

not a nibble
nothing left
growing up together
for the dog
not a nibble

summer shower
the talk of the town
sickly face

winter sunset…
my winter
so pleasantly cool

a blackbird
waving from cacti
chestnuts in the field

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