the flitting butterfly
before dawn
this hilltop castle

this world of dew
out of the mist
of the autumn breeze

a world of trials
the bluebird follows
of flowers

clearing cobwebs
a birthday cake
lost to sight

a breeze this evening
church bells
the taste of pine

night traffic
the solace
a hand-picked peach

cool breeze
a raven has perched
and little waves splash
evening cool

harvest gift
they would like to retain
pure water

on a whithered branch
vanishing over the rooftops
in the autumn sky

the whole sky
scattered in the field
cool spring breeze

left out overnight…
for the god of wealth

reed warblers
everywhere i go
a kettle's bottom

time out
the butterfly
beside the crab
opening his mouth

spring showers
before i met them
shudder and tremble

in my life
the moon reflected
buzzing in the window

spring cleaning
among vigorous young leaves
on the pub door

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