the snow having melted
the trail

at the sight of it
waves come into the cove
hungry still

a cicada chirrs
from the garden
never clearer

clutched in its arms
mountain persimmons

snowing at christmas
red flowers she wanted
under snow

floating face up
in the moonlight

christmas eve…
the warm bedclothes
life goes on

pitch black
far beyond what we can see
draw me to them somehow

deer licking
sweeping the snow
sparrows in the bamboo
slivers of starlight

glimmer of tea water
the shape of steam
white poppy

the crescent moon
from the monastery
every memory of home

even on a small island
how full of life
in the snowfall

wilderness stars
up summer mountain
a frozen temple gong

under my bottom
attached to nothing
even unto death

christmas eve
veiled in morning mist
cleaning the well
in secret places

before i arrived
but there is no sign of it
whisper to each other

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