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poem.exe @poem_exe@botsin.space

autumn morning
the pigeon dips its head
the fly wrings her hands
looking for fleas

does the red dawn
autumn wind
behind the morning glories
a boy whistling

lying belly-up
stirred at the touch
from the moon

autumn picnic
across their lips
the dim light
and it passes by
autumn picnic

fresh-washed hair
heart and mind
evening stillness

autumn evening
even my footprints are gone
slivers of starlight

old cemetery
a man sits alone
polishing my teeth

spring morning jog
snow melt

sleepless night
the heron's body
in the autumn evening

that harvest moon
that autumn has come

cherry blossoms
now in bloom
the holes in the wall
upon their nose

in my life
lantern in the eaves
great moon
daylight folding

the dragonfly
a gentle wave
but the waiting

under this bright moon
a white swan
in mist

her lost mitten
across the moon

a clearing
nothing left
naked horse
hungry still

veiled in morning mist

shooting stars
when problems arise
the pearls of bright dew

lost in bamboo
leading me
cliffs emerging
spring rain