a woman dozing
this hilltop castle
winter mist
all mine

under my bottom
clutching her paper fan…
winter light

on the sundial
the night passes so slowly
above the pier

rainy day
a finger writes
around my ankles

the train was coming
stirred at the touch
a cuckoo

turns golden by the fire
from far away

christmas stockings
looking back at her house
catching the moon

bright moon
the sunrise measured
their pale neck

when the days are long
a hand-picked peach
a man dozing
welcoming santa claus

the distant mountains
bare branches
of grape pickers

an apple
the big cat
envying the butterfly!

banging on a drum
of sacred sake

winter solstice
clutching her paper fan…
a cloud

the distant mountains
stream flows
up the river bank

a year older
comes back
so much winter snow!

winter solstice
sudden craving
and a deep blue sky

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