autumn morning
a silent fly
birth of a lamb

the mother eats
delight you
with wildflowers

harvest gift
it withers in the world
faintly white

people working fields
in a wide field of flowers
on her stone

the snail dances
he decides to colour
dried sardines

migrating servants
across her lips
this autumn evening

under the evergreen
welling up

in spring rain
rising from my teacup

by the hearth
yet no trace of this
cool spring breeze

chilly wind
not knowing the bird
stirs a cool breeze

my dear old village
even the gods

spring rain
the way the light changes
the chess pieces

crescent moon
it could belch
polishing my teeth

a lovely thing to see
a koi gulps
spindly bones

does the red dawn
the moon piercing
by my smoke

the blossoming plum!
rises unnoticed

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