blossoms at night
it looks very important
wells up

changing my mind
a moonlit snowman…
and the day goes

singing skylark
a door slides open
a bamboo in the snow

a summer rainstorm
we swear our love
no one replaces you

when the wild turnip
on a naked horse
a snail

the distant mountains
drumming its tail
in the rafters

a blackbird
i had a kiss all ready
the waterfall roaring

my noontime nap
a boy whistling
meteor shower
it tastes of pine

my noontime nap
out of the blue
the night cry of a heron

the rain falls
baring shoulders
welling up

still in the rain
inch by inch, climb
for your voice

watching the snow…
a kettle's bottom

feeding the koi
summer kimono…
until only mist

winter fog
i had a kiss all ready
sleeping alone

holding the day
make love!
but there the lark is singing

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