now we are leaving
over quick sand
my old home

autumn picnic
in the clear blue sky…
a buddha

ten hedgehogs
my bottle, empty
did you make your first journey?
ten rabbits

whichever way i turn…
in the autumn twilight

an aging willow
ripples with moonlight
smoke rising

the holes in the wall
of the dragonfly
hang icicles

in the rafters
in a wide field of flowers
still warm

summer grasses
they were delicious
even unto death

in thin rain
a hill without a name
fragile moon

wild raspberries
some cherry petals
this raven and i

lingering heat
the old cherry tree
grey winter clouds

random thoughts
my face reflected
snow wrinkles

on a withered branch
as the baby crawls, it flies

first light snowfall
the welcome
low tide beach

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