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winter solstice
ripples with moonlight
a bamboo in the snow

a silent fly
moonlit night

cicada song
everything is in blossom!
a crystal stream

wild geese murmuring
in summer shoes…
on litter

since it's cool down there
uninjured, barely disturbed

trees icy black and wet
when i seemed to have
evening cool

trees icy black and wet
on her stone

hey! don't swat
stream flows
uninjured, barely disturbed

from the bough
climbing up my leg
changing size

house burnt down
of hide and seek
from the end of the nose
a snail

kite string
despite your tweeting
in the pools

bottoms up
one fly
white poppy

a freezing wind
dressed in red
a taste of red

the sparrow has
wild goose flies away…

one quick peek
in straw sandals
and i
deep winter

living alone
a squirrel burrows
dark forest

time out
sudden craving
this midnight moon

sweeping fleas
deep in a moonlit night
then start again

alien atmosphere
a pretty girl
the pearls of bright dew

summer morning jog
the scent of cherry lingers
around the pool