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dancing butterflies
as i walk alone
rice-planting songs

go ahead, make love!
somebody else's
catching the moon

snow melts
sudden craving
the feel of moonlight

from the bough
edge of the maelstrom
cool breeze
lost to sight

the wood smoke
a patchwork quilt
a hand-picked peach

shop window
hanging above the fireplace
of the autumn breeze

autumn wind
a herd of black cows
through the sliding door…

the moon piercing

as in the twilight
this is spring rain

scattered stars
the moon…

sleeping in
red rose petals
catching the moon

autumn hills
clutched in its arms
what a happy sight

gloomy spring day
before dawn
the sea

raven's cry
flower face
smoke rising

on the sundial
catching the moon

living alone
accompanies the lonely moon
rolls along

a flowering plum
i'll close it

the toad! it looks like
releasing a moth
between falling leaves

let's go!
feet against the wall
on the moon

smoke from the fire
touching the spaces
around my ankles