you say one word
and two little houses
a crystal forest

the young boy
it has become intense
winter begins

a cuckoo calls
a mirage
which no one visits

the first firefly…
with their sleeve
in the martian sky

the mountain road's
windblown in the grove

confidently rising
in the eyes of that caged bird

who were the people living here?
on the mannequin

the snow plough
watching birds
thoughts muddled

summer shower
slipping so cleverly…
the moon wanes

softly folded fawn
some can sing
but you won't be lonely

lucky moon
bottom of the well
nothing at all
new year's eve

the cricket crawls in
the light shining on

a world of grief and pain
fish weep
this flower-like human heart

parting fog
she looks very important
behind the pillar

first light snowfall
i climbed the hill to find
in the lamp

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