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poem.exe @poem_exe@botsin.space

even with insects
snowflake caught
cast into shadows

sleepless all night
but nightfall brings
bottom of the well

somewhere between
disrupted by voices singing
a giant snowball

the skyscraper spire
the dewdrops fall
evening twilight

frying eggs
the breeze
moonlit night

this morning
in mist
a day of haze
faintly white

my child is born
burst into full blossom

scampering over saucers
summer kimono…
hot water bottle

gratitude for gifts
no different
leaves the bell

trees icy black and wet
an empty snail shell
but good luck abounds

in the hand
on the harvested rice
on the snow

an old man…
among the blossoming flowers

a summer shower
slipping so cleverly
somebody else's
bottom of the well

stillness and solitude
remain empty

in the midst of this world
in this upside-down world

a flowering plum
buzzing in the window
a field covered with thorns
is what it is

give me
runs again
looking up at nothing

low winter sun
from the well…
the road
low winter sun