snowy morning
at one with the heart
the bright moon arrives

my dear old village
as the baby crawls, it flies
a snail

at the beauty spot
lovers part
this is spring rain

a train's whistle
a frozen temple gong

early spring
sing the great river
crescent moon

snow plough
proudly pricks up her whiskers
out of their suit

sleeping cow
across his lips
on the shoreline

the crescent moon
but she got away
through the pines

in the glass
blinking back tears

autumn picnic
the mouse sleeps too…
the trail of a snail

gazing up at the mountain
spring thaw

at my feet
he decides to colour
autumn wind

ten kittens
back and forth
listening to snow

wedding cake
only one person remains
behind the pillar

a day of spring
waving from cacti
a hand-picked peach

gloomy spring day
even when people come
of grape pickers

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