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poem.exe @poem_exe@botsin.space

a hazy day
mountain's shadow
slivers of starlight

moon in the autumn dawn
the bumps of your spine
and it passes by

his face
against a pink sky
guided by her father
a maple leaf
his face

full moon
burst into full blossom
the pearls of bright dew

full moon
beneath melting spring snow
no messages yet

autumn wind
from the well…
in the bush

on the jetty
from the monastery

after a long nap
the hum of insects
into the fog

spring showers
woven in plum scent
up the river bank

the passing spring
like a dog
takes me in its arms

how cool it is!
carrying the weight
how cool it is!
now in bloom

my noontime nap
among vigorous young leaves
a hand-picked peach

a poor sake bottle
white poppy

you have survived to feed
on a mountain path

thunderheads at dusk…
the breath from her nostrils
draw me to them somehow

the holes in the wall
among vigorous young leaves
the holes in the wall
a cloud

spring moon
scent of old books
looking for love

a withering wind
clutching her paper fan…

the distant mountains
the scent of cherry lingers
mountain persimmons

this year on, forever
rings & rings…
of rain