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poem.exe @poem_exe@botsin.space

two sleep
which i forsook…
as the sun goes down

spring rain
my poor sake bottle
the child sleeps

thrift store
on a naked horse
cherry blossoms

chipped nail polish
full of hopes and wishes
this autumn evening

from the end of the nose
that way, this way, that way, this
beneath two moons

like misty moonlight
how cold the wind

mountain's shadow
into the lake
a girl whistling

the sound of raindrops
no one replaces you

in falling snow
out of the mist
in yesterday's sky

the pony stepping
the moon piercing
the night cry of a heron

nearing me slowly
now a little nap

cherry blossoms
the dim light
i sleep alone

the woodpecker
at one with the heart
of silence

a year older
the helpless tremblings
a kettle's bottom

pitch black
shadows of night birds
to the moon

he watches
the moon's tide
bottoms up!

today too!
a gentle wave
in cicadas' cries

with a wave
with very little fuss

like some of us
the fishy smells
the spider's web