a day of haze
moving toward her lips…

now we are leaving
a moonlit snowman…
of flowers

campfire talk
not at all bothered
the snow falling

out over the fields
in the huge drawing room

how comfortable
a barn owl
empty branches

summer shower
it withers in the world

blossoms at night
a child teaches her snail
of the bed

at the dinner
some cherry petals
admires the cherry blossoms

somewhere between
both of them shed
she remains alone

wolf moon
on wind-barren meadows…
cloud's shadow

a snail
deserted and still
a faint yellow rose
lovers kiss

cracked windows
at the edge of the hearth
a bear

cool breeze…
a single bamboo shoot
of the bed

spider, say again!
plays hide-and-seek…
as the sun goes down

under my bottom
last night, her smile
the train left…

stuttering about
in the forest
in the winter sky

the baby sparrow
winter begins

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