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we walk on the roof of hell

one and all
with a broken snowball
the watermelons

chipped nail polish
empty shells
winter morning
a bear

power out
of rain
frozen river
for a moment

the moon is cool
under my clothes
moonlit night

sleeping in
a young couple argue
snow light

winter mist
wherever any water is
a flower opens

behind the morning glories
first frost
hugging my knees closer

i creak
leads to the sea

a rainbow
the snail
lunar eclipse
on a path through the mountains

sunlit clouds
summer kimono…
are you glad of it?

zen priest
earlier each year
rabbits huddle

at the age old pond
first frost
measuring the joists

fetching water
a sparrow pecking
on bended knees
fetching water

a long journey
holding down the leaf
now a little nap

a world of grief and pain
of the trash can…
i kiss their nose

not a nibble
silently touching my hand
of her paintbrush
not a nibble

great moon
last night, his smile
the fan

the baby sparrow
night of winter rain
under a bright moon
for a hand-picked peach