two sleep
the silence
this is spring rain
two sleep

spring moon
red flowers she wanted
crescent moon

autumn nightfall
would always remain this way
snowy vegetable field

one and all
as it falls, it fades
autumn dusk

the lover cat
the moon's tide
the last of the firewood
a snail

but nightfall brings
both handprints

i'm going to roll over
on the beach, dusk pours out
of flowers

spring rain
all alone a flower
i've found myself

wet snow
a peaceful quiet world…
the snow falling

back gate opens
on the dark side
from far away

a door
and two little houses
the moon wanes

autumn evening
the mulberry branch
gawking at flowers

wolf moon
but there is no sign of it
evening twilight

a willow branch
forgive me
insect song

across their lips
the trail of a snail

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