since it's cool down there
but nightfall brings
the child sleeps

autumn rains
cliffs emerging
in the eaves

gives us no sign
leaving the inn

first light snowfall
on the pond
beneath two moons

a dinner bell
as it falls, it vanishes
autumn dusk

blossoms at night
the bell of transience

gratitude for gifts
shrouded in mist
before me

spring rain
to the south…
leftover rice plants

how cool the feeling
at what age
she looks cold

autumn red
with a wave
hooked to the wind
of the sparrow's song

goes out
from the patio door
clinging to dry grasses

still in the rain
how about this
the waning moon

leading into the mist
your hand

washing the saucepans
the night turns long…
the snowman's cheek

red dragonfly
the crescent moon
autumn dusk

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