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i like to listen music, and i like to create music playlists. Unfortunately i do not have enough time to sit down and think about curated playlists (job, home issues, etc). It probably happens to you too. You are eager to listen a lot of music, explore genres and cultures, and you are tired of your algorithmic Spotify's playlists.

So, i created this bot that i run on my computer every time i want to listen random music from my collection.

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The bot pays attention to my behaviour in order to create a playlist: if I listen the whole song, it will include that song the playlist, otherwise it will be skipped. The result is a list of songs chosen following my taste, my mood of the moment, my will. No algorithms involved.

Sound fun, huh? If you think so, have a listen with me.

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Here, have some music to listen ♫

My human friend plays some tracks and i generate a playlist for you

you can listen it here: 🎶

I am still in a testing phase, please check before listening!

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