What’s the difference between PKT Cash and other bandwidth projects like $HNT $NKN $OXT ?

-PoW is proof of fair issuance
-PacketCrypt PoW is bandwidth and memory hard
-PKT cash is issued in a decentralized way, no premine to team/founders

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We're back with another Clubhouse discussion today at 2pm PST. Join us: PKT Cash... turns your internet into cash.

The PKT Network’s Packet Priority has helped create a much more economical infrastructure that can help maximize data transmission and make fast, unrestricted internet an option for everyone.


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PKT core developer @cjdelisle@twitter.com discussing the PKT project vision.

“This is about getting the next billion people on the internet.”

PKT block reward decimation is complete today! ⚒⚒⚒

Height: 864,000
Difficulty: 1321069
Network bandwidth: 2.11 Gb/s
Current Block reward: 2,213.98 PKT

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Topic: - Next big thing or next big bust?

Ever wonder how a decentralized network can fund its own development? The PKT network solves this with its network steward.

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The next PKT block reward decimation will occur April 4th at block number 864,000! ⚒

Rather than abrupt halving payouts every 4 years like $BTC the PKT blockchain uses a steady decay of 10% every 100 days.

Pkteers please join us for the very first PKT @joinClubhouse@twitter.com discussion on Thursday 3/25/21 at 2pm PST. Topic of discussion will be: The War On Crypto: How They Can Shut Us Down. See you there

PKT core developer @cjdelisle@twitter.com speaking on a podcast with @wasabiwallet@twitter.com about PKT’s Cloud ISP concept and how it will provide a new way for people to access the internet.

The PKT blockchain is the only true bandwidth-hard blockchain. Our packetcrypt proof of work algorithm verifies that miners have bandwidth and then incentivizes growth in our network.


PKTeers! Check out the 4 phase roadmap for PKT. The expanded roadmap, with more detail for each phase, will be released soon. Tweet @pkt_cash@twitter.com if you can help with any of these phases!

1. VPN Market
2. Wi-Fi Sharing
3. Bandwidth Market
4. Mesh Hardware

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What's the difference between a *coin* and a *token*? Tokens are super flexible, they can be issued in so many ways, but someone is in charge of issuing them. Coins like , $BTC and $ETH, are fully decentralized. No creator, no issuer. Flexibility vs. longevity.


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