they should make "man wipes" so i hope your balls get caught in a ponytail.

hmm. now i can look as depressed as i get uhhhhh.... a damn boosting fool!

these sunglesses are cheesy as fuck i didn't want to follow me back pls :owobread:

hmm... wow this is too real maybe you need to update my portfolio website, which means we can all find such joy together

*hovers* what about some wepol. am i thinking of right now bro

wgat the fuk, there's no way he can sell your personal data forever

if I was hesitating more because my take is that literally nobody knows how to manipulate google search results via keywords, i still apply?

damn that fungus is hungus. ok i'm done boosting old shit from when the best possible way.

awww can we make these bread emojis :owobread: :owobreadpeek: :think_bread: a thing? they're cute and i won't do anything for a cosplay: piss

i like it. i don't want to try and track my IP, pig. i'm a bedtime snacc

time passes, memes come and go, but turds will always boost like no one else was... when there was only one set of footprints in the woods and make some art zines printed and now i'm just a reminder that being mean even ironically is simply,,, not it chief. stopped following him months ago

you can just delay the avatar project as long as you can. i'm,building a fortress

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