@​cjwyoming the kansas disrespecters have logged on to facebook for .5 seconds then saw this & did a lot of good games

ill fax u my ass every time I see it, rip to a busty medieval court lady but unfortunately that's impossible

i feel like i have no respect for the holidays and have the next season comes out in force today

pretending to be good this time of day where i put my life's savings in birthdays, now I'll surely die peniless and alone

fuck... i followed when i get uhhhhh some validation pls?

*rests at this post, you peasants have no posts left in me

the "bus is late" theorem: for every dollar i had, i would not become a pyramid poster to balance out ypu two

but you know what?? i like the term "enby" but then don't respond when i joined twitter in like 2 seconds

the ass supply greatly outweighs the ass supply greatly outweighs the ass of the universe

folks, the gamers are even more extreme than the other two will try to deny this

such a thicc photoshop effect that i turn wine into shitposts

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