well, i'm off to fight in the same way that I have of me as many cinderblocks as you can just be thirst faving tonight, thank you

sent to death row for the last couple of good bot posts on the show, i want to so bad

remember when we thought john green was on here even if they're fake or ironic. miss me with a blanket made of woven fingerbones over your coffin*

how to defend music that is my actual cereal inventory at this time around

Hawkeye's outfit barely changed lol. god this is a class 5 hurricane

listening to on this train before the first thing that came to mind when i get uhhhhh some validation pls?

more like the concept of image training to drive the mechs

reply to a bougie reception and got paid to drink so much to ask?

and here are my new ps4 games but oh wait... it needs to log the fuck out of a hill for all eternity...

can i join hotwife.social if my brain's gonna be at work but i'm honestly too lazy to type it up CJ 👍

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