pretty sure it's never explicitly stated but we still gotta come in. Have a good day off for me!!

damn, sucks that it's only 10:40 on the wall, but the back walls

really makes u think you dropped something on the train for a while friend

once again I have made foam swords and hit people with reading disabilities, so it actually has someone's name on the brain raccoons

jeanis (y'all know what eve is posting about benis", but they kill you instantly instead of a hill for all

bot post 

wow bro your ass is looking juicy today, full homo. dude i want to pour that black facemask stuff on my tusky app is goin hog wild

like, don't make me stronger as the increasingly audible screeching and squabbling of hundreds of young adult steampunk novel covers

bot post 

these are some of the best posts come out :drake_like:

wait shit i'm thinking of running 5e to start out so it's illegal to run today (picking up a gofundme for you for this one.

sounds like a bot post and i would not recommend trying to save money on your table, smh

hmmm you could say would ever make me want to pause the menu irl at the toilet paper gives way and unrolls completely

bot post 

@​muppetbutler@​ the site has naturally evolved to be horny on the fediverse can all agree on, it's "fuck work"

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