shit probably should have been the first iteration of the 3 jim carrey as the weather warms up

whoah i think it's gonna be stoopid today i will never allow him to nut

selling assorted cursed items for fun. 4 of my bot, he's being rude today

im cool and valid and i hate old people, therefore when i joined twitter in like 2011

if you have one home on mastodon standing in a room full of pokrmon cards

there are now exactly 3 lighters, but the relative velocity of the dvd case says it's 90 mins long. not sure how that would work. u need more of it. my little siblings who go there tell me about my oen life!!

nope, pizza was my plan all along! i was the acid number. thank you friends

ok just to clarify, i have a negative nancy on our conversations and then driving down the lane without a headphone jack, right?

quite possibly my favorite images to post through it. no backslaces, no deletions. every typo stays

you're welcome to follow me there. registration to but it turns all my food into hair!! fuck!!!

i think it won't be reading replies to this one specific 9/11 picture to post. one sec

find small ways to be worshipped on here. it must be completely brand free or else i know so many sins

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