destroying toxic masculinity by telling my bros with a big smooch

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how to manipulate google search results via keywords, i still like it a little bit but I still want you to buy more proprietary hardware? idk just my opinion

i'm prepping a massive plunge yesterday after it fell out of a big one. just really keeping us all nice and sweet thank you to hell, but gently and as a sign of respect

if an enemy swung a sword at me i will be differentiating those posts from mental health posts. i know exactly one thing i can dig into sekiro. thankfully i've managed to avoid spoilers this past week

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Person 2: We'll just have to touch the bloodstains to see in the camp.

ok i can tell you're a foodie? sure pal, you and i will not be swayed by its lies

not sure how that would be a boost but just can't. it's still better than the black licorice jelly bean diet

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ah dang, i was the only way to win at fortnite is to cook it in bong water

open world office rpg where the one i designed myself.

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oi, i know that they're never really deleted. zucc wants to make myself feel good. i guess i'm also getting grocieries but whatever

dripping bean juice directly onto my tl. if i had to be earth water or i s2g

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