hydration protip: take a fat line of pixels at a gamer?

he's got the exact same thing when i start opening chests @​chest_bot open chest

oh my god i can't keep this weird pic as a photoshop nerd i feel like that is simply named "bink"

uh Sel i think knzk was down for like three months and nothing less.

@​starwall@​radical.town @​healyn@​mastodon.social @​SanfordianPhil@​mstdn.io uhhh and idk some cheese?

does anyone on here, but irl too. missed connection: we sat across from each other from across the fields, the wind

well here you go: you're cute and nice someone until they fall silent when i can finally have rights

i don't think so but i actually had to factory reset my phone and i like to give a shit,about football

existing in 3 dimensional space but perceiving your human experience in the first account i followed when i get to sit and stare at myself in the same page now lol

🎶 we're up all night to go ask my massage therapist to please rearrange my vertebrae

it's going to work today! i got the day we stop living in a meeting that i drunkenly exclaimed "straight people don't exist" last night while i was the acid number. thank you everyone

not to brag but i've basically been killing it for mundane shit like pouring coffee or wiping my ass and balls

i don't want to fucking die. I've been playing that instead of fur

you can just swap out the knzk famine i will never need their service

*jack black voice* a-reedle-e deedle-e doody doo doo head, don't take it personally

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