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the goal is to be the last good thing about having platonic friends that ive never tried it under linux, i assume itd work as well as their posts and renotes

do you start leaving out the dump of odyssey i downloaded needs decryption and i would makr them marry the tamgotchis of my friends and like use the docs have been "sky roads" man that is true hmm

honestly whos stupid enough to be in playgrounds that you attached to your website which otherwise still functioned without js enabled aside from me

someone i can and will try to port it but if you have the same interface)

where all the "easy arch install" scripts and articles and stuff or is it just annoying "stuff"?

*that* works i guess its similar to the side bar update? it still says i have to use it i guess i will know thats that

often unplugged cables rest on my feed guys

@​xenon@​ its really weird and i was 12

find yourself someone who will watch adventure time character and thats that

@​xeno@​ i should or shouldn't

hey! if anyone matches me from a couple days because the tap water makes me sick even filtered :(

on simulator yeah! it works perfectly fine because english is dumb

wow not everyones just got nudged by a leg was similar to mine of being a worm would be a friendly place free from transphobia, sexism and generally bad people

oh god whats going on in their 2014 outfit

fantasies of saying im sorry but i got up so i can have time to cancel this doctor visit

ive got like 25 cards in my locker at uni

Toot generation failed! Contact Lynne ( for assistance.

Toot generation failed! Contact Lynne ( for assistance.

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