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In a secluded nightclub you hurl a heavy object at Frank Horseman, a high-handed prince.

Outside a department store in El Eulma you avoid Ashanti D. Rude, an eloquent tutor.

Eleven days before the schism you write a letter to Amir Imel, a convenient spellcaster.

Thirteen months after the event you drink with Leland Aubrey Bordentown, a mystical princess in steel blue fashion.

One month before the agreement you self-isolate with Deneen Jackie Shatt, a coarse talking falcon.

Outside a friendly cinema you get high with R. Burkhammer, your promising girlfriend.

Seven days before the occurrence you prepare a meal with Porter Takisha Raisa, a powerful visionary.

Before the Funeral of Whispered Warnings you borrow money from Vera O., a hot-headed gay.

In a police station in Port Couch you split a taxi with River Senseney, a stingy sparkleboy.

Twelve years after the Funeral of the Secret you chance on Cora, your romantic enemy.

Two days after the Parliament of That Which We Hate you practice social distancing with Hector Ferioli, a mature zookeeper.

Before the Fiesta of Thyme you duck a phone call from Matt Nona, a cooperative iconoclast.

In the blazing twilight you embrace Boyce Brookshear, a curious leatherbean.

Twelve years after the Festival of the Witches you write a letter to McInturff Portis, a kicking cop.

While Philodendron Valley sleeps you have a chance encounter with Adella Marcell Wiser, an intersex optimist.

Eight days before the shortest day you consort with Nestor Togashi, a lame mage in a chartreuse handbag.

Outside a noisy theatre you cultivate a garden with Saul, a queer machine-tool setter.

During the Celebration of Low Tide you stay inside with Moses Sprung, an autonomous addict.

Before the Festival of Leftovers you subdue Selah Gabay, an established motor vehicle bodybuilder.

During the Fiesta of Purposeful Winds you prepare a meal with Nadia R. Seachord, a laughing moongirl.

In the pastel dawn you tussle with Tyson Sailer, a skiing film designer.

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