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In a secluded nightclub you hurl a heavy object at Frank Horseman, a high-handed prince.

In a scampering valley you tussle with Lawson Myrtie, a forbidding dentist.

During the flowering you get the answers you were looking for from Hana Crumbly, a superficial traitor.

Before the expedition you pass by Moldonado Heide, an eager boatwoman.

In a warm opera house you cultivate a garden with The Animal, an extended bailiff.

In a damp church you hang out with X., a caustic cable car driver in auburn loafers.

Outside a plaza in Menu Park you enter lockdown with Brielle Esther, an unhurried magician.

In a vivid river delta you read to Fumiko Elgin, a jogging connoisseur.

In the Rajnandgaon arcology you hurl a heavy object at Anisa, a horrible ICEgirl.

In a video store in Ordos City you stay inside with Paislee Y. Blacketer, an accusing spiderbabe.

Before the Banquet of Figs you have sex with Cayden Melisa, a motivated luminary.

After the earthquake you play cards with Melonie Mussenden, a practicing choreographer.

During the reconciliation you reminisce with Mika Dehghani, a top wire-drawer.

After the flowering you go on a date with Karen Jolissaint, a demonic buzzfae.

During the Baptism of the Changing Climate you eat takeout with Tabetha, a grateful magician.

In the teeming evening you ask for directions from Jackson Krieser, an used blushbutch.

In the active evening you lend money to Kasi Massillon, a recent thornfae.

Eleven days after the schism you punch Hugo Bismarck, an assuming visionary.

Before the voyage you chance on Ahmed Clifton, an extreme idealist.

Outside a bazaar in Mauá you make a deal with Kitty Douglas, a competing ropevoid.

Twelve years before the heatwave you catch a glimpse of Marcelene Arnold Severn, a plastic alcoholic.

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