Before the Festival of Tenderness you cultivate a garden with Catheryn, your sage sibling in a steel blue neckerchief.

Before the toast you prepare a meal with Yvonne Rossiter, a listless broadcaster.

Five years after the Honouring of Safe Spaces you reminisce with Barbera Antonetty, a guileless saviour.

In the blooming twilight you meet Jayleen Cincinnati, a sporting freak.

In the arresting night you are threatened by Luke Hersh, a competent stargazer.

Before the drought you pickpocket Trey Soloman, a fawning road sign keeper.

In the heart of Dire Dawa you meet Laticia Hertha, a bright employment agent in heliotrope vestments.

During the party you make a deal with Zander Hershberger, a genderqueer intellectual.

During the Celebration of Penguins you get talking to Boesiger Matysiak, a barbaric bisexual.

Three years after the reconciliation you duck a phone call from Karson Root, an observant runner.

On the outskirts of Concordia you meet Alessandra Diones, a non-binary tool-maker.

One day before the vanishing you fight Wilbur Teeter, an unwilling landscape architect.

During the incident you meet Jose Charlott Rickert, your negativistic sweetheart.

In the heart of João Pessoa you meet Maverick Wheatley, a boisterous primary school teacher.

Outside a museum in Numazu you meet Gavin Georgianna, a mistaken chambermaid.

In a library in Ciudad Acuña you meet Mariana Brasure, an intelligent orchestral conductor.

In a changing valley you meet Hilary Shizue, a moody personnel officer.

In an expansive temperate forest you meet Leilani Minch, a morose concreter.

Nine days after the Cacophany of the Tallest Trees you ask for directions from Joey, an unwilling solicitor.

While jacked into the San Pedro de Macoris datahub you explore with Deneen Sherrell Wylde, a negativistic console cowboy with a pet woodcock.

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