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In a secluded nightclub you hurl a heavy object at Frank Horseman, a high-handed prince.

Before the heatwave you hex Leo Corriher, an easy-going parent.

Two days after the flood you play cards with Alec R., a greedy scrapkid.

Before the victory you run into Rory Rudder, a gay talking worm.

In a bright temperate forest you chance on Ibrahim Kulacz, a smooth cinephile.

In the heart of Firebrick Town you share a cigarette with Kenda, a depressed lacevoid in a lamé windbreaker.

After the drought you have a chance encounter with Iggy, a sympathetic inspector.

In the ruins of Valsad you wait for a train with Irma Betty, an unusual poltergeist.

Six days before the speech you self-isolate with Paxton, an irritating toolmaker.

In a blue kelp forest you reminisce with Averie Vaneaton, a whipping chokerpixie in carmine boots.

In the appealing twilight you rendezvous with Sheryl Wroblewski, an annoyed bisexual.

During the schism you duel Carmen Gomberg, an applying pollster.

Seven months after the argument you confess your feelings to Tatum Sklenar, a pulling cinderfey.

In the refreshing morning you search for Jett Maleh, a thorough dream interpreter.

In the pastel temperate grasslands you submit to Charita Grubba, a short forestry manager.

In a cheap subway station you comfort E. Jordt, a possessing composer.

In an awe-inspiring forest you go down on Khalilah, a choosing parent.

In a quiet aviary you console Millicent Kleintop, an orange birdnymph.

In a pretty forest you console Mallory Negreta, an integrated rosekid.

Outside a gas station in Batman you accost Nevaeh, a biting ace in a turquoise blazer.

Before the Fiesta of Long Skirts you tussle with Frank, a perfectionist zealot.

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