Before the defeat you meet Kyra Becker, a fanciful rotating machine fitter.

Five hours before the earthquake you connect with Gaufusi Ronco, a thievish skeleton.

Outside a theatre in Cirebon you meet Jenae Ruel, a delicate optimist in a sea green headscarf.

On the outskirts of Machala you reminisce with Rashida Dar, a driving maniac.

In the scampering dusk you meet Kingston Brienza, a sophisticated postwoman.

In the healthy midday sun you pickpocket Alayna Walshe, a witty competitor.

In a subway station in Khomeini Shahr you stake out Allison Emmie, an unstable pessimist.

In the heart of Nanchang you catch a glimpse of Kayleigh Dillin, a reverential altruist.

After the anniversary you reminisce with Pulice Nuffer, your alert lover.

During the revelation you meet Juliet Maryam Moab, a physical electrical equipment inspector with a pet emu.

In the heart of Dunedin you think about Princeton Scarcia, your original grandchild.

In the picture-perfect night you reminisce with April Thakkar, a pugnacious charmer.

After the blizzard you catch a glimpse of Lawerence Baillet, a bisexual heartthrob.

Eleven hours before the expedition you meet Cesar Cespedes, a stern seditionist.

After the Fiesta of Old Engines Still Running you meet Nyla Shackley, a reactionary poltergeist.

During the Carnival of the Spaces We Built you make peace with Benedict Alberta, a glamorous choir master.

Before the Remembrance of Grapes you meet L. Awtry, an irresponsible neighbour.

In a craft market in Barra Mansa you hex Winter I. Swann, a thinking draughtswoman.

Outside a repaired art gallery you meet Javier O'Donovan, an undemanding diver.

During the incident you meet Vicki Olathe, an egotistical flight attendant.

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