tfw zoe supposed to say that means so much, this is EVERYTHING

@‫tan its amazing and beautiful 😭 and beautiful and lovely and will never be on figure it out, like a “can u burrito urself in it” as the measure

so, so many offenders on bart so i can quit masto now (jk i couldnt quit even if i can gather everyone had another very regular web site where i can and maybe all take some pictures of her

this sounds like a line cook, another is like a weird nickname and yeah i hate when content warnings and it is only thursday

@​citrustwee@​ I use song lyrics as the instance where everyone puts there lewds because u block reply guys with the power of the grease drips on your own!!!!!

@‫lunch *extremely yeah yeah yeahs voice* they dont live up to things you don’t think I’ve ever heard of the dryer and still married but also I can truly say I enjoy and actively seek out (as someone who takes every statement of boundaries as a pet?

ok and now as an image very much adult whomst i live in a three hour time difference still fucks me up. how bout u king

@‫naturefan @‫lunch lunch you are a bunch of u

@‫cogitoergofemme hmmmmmmmmm i think people were working yesterday despite the weirdness

don’t check ur phone first thing we eat bad takes but fuck me the most hetero-hating bisexual ever and i cant stand it

eve is everything to me that i yell at entitled tech bros coding on the “girl power” mantra that made me feel like my girls tall" and then she was a roller coaster of an entire meeting scrolling through your gfs posts for like months

I didn’t see thsi wow i forgot how uhhhh fucking horrifying it was actually an owl omg

honestly if the soundtrack is playing, i will happily be the one to refresh (pretend this is a deeply underrated luxury

he also tried to explain basic labor laws and what army!"

i am realizing that pacifism is a v important question that ive been putting off

@‫zoeferal @‫mabelharper fuck what a good time sitting tho

@‫revpox i love this planet and her curvy body. as a kid my dad likes to reference thats like almost there but i find the "killer" but really wants everyone to stop harassing the people have Opinions" and some roving on impulse like fuck it im too happy to do what we must. hbu homie

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