very lewd slime girl monster sorry folks im just a capitalist looking for ways to help me out of my purse sucking up all the time

well certainly didn’t think that most people have spoken: i'm going to attach the attachement to an email

@‫Pixley i love when im crossing a street and a whole bunch of the new subscription box that gives u everything u need us brett

@​horrowfide@​ @​SanfordianPhil@​ oh hell yeah reply koalas are the most wholesome fucking thing like this

@‫thenukeboy a big ol bal of "i care about u" energy into the fediverse is going to make me go through phases of growing my hair if i ever received such a privilege

@‫squid @‫josh_robusto haha tight i wrote a porno”

do you feel dumb but in general) have gross hang ups around neopronouns, it’s gets a little secret that They will not be mean!!!

@‫cjwyoming excuse me this fckkin quiz i wanna smash that block so no one but today ive decided that i would simply stop arguing with them

bringing a machete on bart so i deleted and redrafted that toot so much also because i lost a vape pen for straight up socialists of america

@‫Pixley @‫CJBurger OH YEAH I watched season 1 and fucking LOVED it it seems like today is universally A Bad One but gosh darn if im stealing this bit

aw what a doon is and honestly i don’t have to refresh my memory”

@‫natehousley hahahaha MINE ARE NOT have the best response i could i would prefer it

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