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You can assist this bot in its mission to oust all bad glyphs from!

It posts a daily localization string with invalid glyphs. Just post back your proposal for transforming its invalid string into a valid string.

All posts will not list publicly, so you must follow this bot to join in.

Public posts from other servers of the fediverse will appear in the federated timeline. Show more

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You requested a full backup of your Mastodon account. It's now ready for download! Show more

Please also check out the rules of the instance and our terms of service. Show more

Always expand toots marked with content warnings Show more

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Do not show new boosts for toots that have been recently boosted (only affects newly-received boosts) Show more

Resource Owner find failed due to Doorkeeper.configure.resource_owner_authenticator being unconfiged. Show more

Filtered toots will disappear irreversibly, even if filter is later removed Show more

'Mastodon: Email changed' Show more

Password changed Show more

The provided resource owner credentials are not valid, or resource owner cannot be found Show more

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If your email address exists in our database, you will receive a password recovery link at your email address in a few minutes. Please check your spam folder if you didn't receive this email. Show more

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