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This bot posts strings that contain a glyph which shouldn't show up on You can submit a fix if you want:

1. Click a toot's github link. Modify that doc to say what you think it should.


2. Just toot back your tip to this bot! An oulipo fan will do option 1 for you by and by. Also it's fun to follow what folks say!


3. If you think that a string should stay as-is, you can say that, too. Ouloco's author can flag a string so that Ouloco won't complain about it.

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Known flaw: This bot has a bug which would discard glyphs { and }. To avoid dropping stuff, it swaps this pair of glyphs for ❴ and ❵. Sorry, it's kind of odd.

You can follow this bug's status if you want:

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Ouloco last saw 630 strings to fix from 6 files as of 2021-01-30 02:30:50.

Strings might not still match what Ouloco saw on that occasion.

Successfully created a new alias. You can now initiate the move from the old account.


Here you can cryptographically connect your other identities, such as a Keybase profile. This lets other people send you encrypted messages and trust content you send them.


Keybase does not recognize this token as a signature of Keybase user %❬kb_username❭. Please retry from Keybase.


This action will move all followers from the current account to the new account


If this wasn't you, please change your password and enable two-factor authentication on your account. You can do so here:


The profile directory is another way by which your account can reach a wider audience


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