New Cola Wells under construction near Dadhead!

World Recession!
Financial experts fear worst as economy slumps!

Citizens celebrate . . .
First ship arrives at Frunfingworth City

Plane Crash!
Aircraft ran out of fuel, 65 die in fireball

Coal mine subsidence leaves trail of destruction near Fort Penwell!

Inverstable Green Woods no longer accepts Bubbles or Copper Ore

Road Vehicle Crash!
44 die in fireball after collision with train

Wood service from Pludford Market to Waningston Bridge will pay triple rates for the next year!

Livestock service from Great Drundingbrook to Fort Trutfield will pay 50% extra for the next year!

Road Vehicle Crash!
Driver dies in fireball after collision with train

New Gontham-on-sea Airport no longer accepts Gold or Gold

Citizens celebrate . . .
First passenger tram arrives at Great Dentbury

Slaton Bay Factory announces imminent closure!

New Bubble Generator under construction near Plafingborough!

New coal seam found at New Hedingdale coal mine! Production is expected to double!

Service subsidy offered:
First Diamonds service from St. Mesness Cross to Little Hetwell City will attract a year's subsidy from the local authority!

New Sawmill under construction near Old Drodingdale!

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