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kurt@ changed devel/jdk/1.8: - Restore bsd specific iconv make flags lost in upstream merge conflict. Fixes missing libiconv_open symbol in

sthen@ modified security/openssl/1.1/Makefile: adjust PORTROACH marker, try again to get it to skip 1.1.1

jasper@ modified net/minio/server: update to minio-0.20190206

jasper@ modified net/minio/client: update to minioc-0.20190206

otto@ changed net/powerdns: Fix unaligned access on sparc64; backport from upstream; ok sthen@

jasper@ changed sysutils/grafana: update to grafana-5.4.3

sthen@ modified x11/gnome/librsvg/Makefile: honour MAKE_JOBS, don't try to eat all cpus problem spotted by solene@, ok aja

jasper@ modified textproc/py-ICU: update to py-ICU 2.2 from Kurt Mosiejczuk

jasper@ modified many things: replace remaining HOMEPAGE/MASTER_SITES with the mirror

jasper@ modified net/libnids/Makefile: whatever is serving these days, it's not libnids

jasper@ changed games/flightgear/base: fix build with libc++7; from freebsd svn -r478723

jasper@ modified x11/gnome/libgnomekbd: update to libgnomekbd-3.26.1

sthen@ modified devel/quirks: another one, reminded by danj

sthen@ modified devel/quirks: another one, reminded by danj

ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.16.100.

ajacoutot@ modified net/py-s3transfer: Update to py-s3transfer-0.2.0.

ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.12.90.

ajacoutot@ modified net/py-boto3: Update to py-boto3-1.9.90.

ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/control-center: Update to gnome-control-center-3.30.3.

sthen@ modified devel/quirks: $cve quirk for libquicktime, reminded by kirby@

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