OMG! UBUNTU! moved to See you there!

The @elementary folks are upset that I wrote a blog post letting you know that a new beta of their next release is available for testing. They think you're all too stupid to understand that beta ≠ stable and as such I've "damaged" their brand and "hurt" their OS sales. My reply:

I did get in touch with a couple of Linux magazines a few years back to see if they'd let omg! pimp their new issues the way Doctor Who blogs do with Doctor Who Magazine, etc. Never heard back. Shame!

If you have a spare 5 minutes, and like rating things on a scale of 1-9, BOY are you gonna love this redesign survey 👉 (appreciate y'all taking the time to fill these out. Last one was a BIG help, hence the follow up!)

Spare 5 minutes? Celebrate the 25th anniversary of @PowerRangers by playing this neat Zord runner browser game!

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