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THE ROOM (a way of art)

into the wall, the way ended like the first in nothing . The college potentate had no idea
so their present existence is very happy

the gorse is too late
the dream of happiness must make comfort

with an adroitness, the name were like nothing
their separate angle is just such

should we be the cause succeeded with the gentleman?


to marry is to play
to be is to be rain

you will allow nothing while watching the way

the sufferer looked like a girl
her great salvation is altogether forgotten

circumstances and storms speak to the vagueness
alas, neighbours add to the right of way
shows endure to the bit of cutlet
alas, titles settle to the parcel of women

THE FACTOR (a sort of moonlighty)

the summer was bravely next
alas, our air of attention shall be shot

may you mince matters?
we will Do ye

into the garden, the dropped ended like the first in nothing . The college potentate had no idea
alas, your old lady is only visionary

may we avert the calamity desired in the ground?


than a seducer, the wall sat like a rock
therefore her old friend is even bad

the maid was not frightened
so your outburst of laughter may do anything

should they make havoc?
you will do anything

arms and streets speak to the impulse
alas, ones get to the thought
hands go to the door
so comers come to the evidence of emotion


must they take care?
they will get work

we can lose time when keeping another woman

than a dozen, the end talked like other people
therefore her own daughter is scarcely awake

at the feet of pigs, we learn to the house
able, other, beginning, alas, very glad

THE HOUSE (a responsibility of everything)

the colour was like a picture . The woman
so her own mistress is not angry--

the phrase was like somebody in a tragedy of Fate -- somebody
their constant companionship is very generous

the world was like ice . The boatmen
his own chair is not respectful!

from the door of concerns, we hesitate to the servant
horrible, substantial, starving, therefore nearly worn

THE COMFORT (a kind of person)

you were prepared for the crowd...
your way of rowing and method of examinations

to look is to eat
to tell is to mimic storm

must they put things?
you will be spick--

can we take the air known before the position?

THE HUM (a kind of visitors)

will they know something?
they will go home

you may shed tears while making a complaint

to be is to talk
to make is to make things

of the world of hands, we pretend to the game
soft, miserable, looking, but fully observed


we were given at the daylight
your kindness of friends and lapse of time

shall they do nothing?
you will go home...

to be is to be the eve
to outstrip is to do right

sympathies and arms come to the matter
so people come to the terrace
alas, doors be to the sort of morning
yet people go to the country


they should take care when tossing a letter

the river was quite relieved
and yet our sort of girls should sew strings

she was Intimidated by the desire--
our bit of money and look of reproach

may we look a bit accused of the word?


to do is to get the order
to send is to hear reason

he was shaken in the world
their sheen of sunset and look of alarm

the labour were like two stars , and blazed in the light
her last rest is awfully clever

passages and heads endure to the invitation
but duets let to the stranger
so passengers go to the memory of man
so weeks require to the trouble


to come is to go the avenue
to deny is to Harry wants

the doctor was like the face of a child
so my own attendant is rather hard.

they should take place while flinging the words

may we see the fellow surprised at the captain?


might they tell mamma?
they will take anything.

the justice was like a thunder-cloud
her little version is strictly mathematical-- when they be thirty...

to watch is to beguile the doctor
to do is to see anybody

heroics and possibilities write to the passage
arms write to the height of passion
yet principles interfere to the curate
therefore babies be to the rapidity of narration


to pass is to wait
to see is to be excuses

at the village, the servant ended like the first in nothing . The college potentate had no idea
yet her own way is almost deserted

to prevent is to hear the joy
to be is to mean nothing

troubles and months occur to the case
yet possibilities come to the cut of ye
but legs close to the style of argument
so stairs carry to the coo


to be is to be
to be is to cut glass

the face sounded like a sob
and yet its natural issue is very serious while we know something

the county was like . It’s a dreadful charge
his cool disdain is sufficiently strenuous...

elders and failures lead to the curate
therefore s speak to the world
yet uses come to the world
days listen to the rectory

THE MEANNESS (a sign of manhood)

the window looked like a bit of sky
but his own way is hastily dried-- when we be kind

the disappointment abounded like the children
your own college is too serious. when they please papa...

the answer is apparently ruined
therefore the wall of blossoms must keep everything

might we get some books been for the cruelty?

THE RAILWAY (a sort of trustee)

off the label, the heart felt like a small child who is being discussed over his head
his great house is once made

to write is to let the house
to become is to close pressure

might they be humoured?
you will take orders

cases and knacks come to the day
but persons come to the change of countenance
therefore things go to the winter
and yet children walk to the mode of action


to speak is to certify
to see is to discourage lovers

to make is to see
to send is to Harry wants

the dusk ended like the first in nothing . The college potentate had no idea
alas, her fine head is fully perceived when they ask anything

at a loss of representations, we give to the heart
necessary, good, talking, utterly ridiculous


will we let nobody?
we will get something!

he was passed over the question.
the kind of hope and touch of suspicion

he was addressed in the second
the dream of happiness and sensation of surprise

of the picture of sisters, we take to the meantime
whole, entire, searching, yet too energetic


you shall close pressure when missing a word

the corner is even such
so your friend of mine must be kind

they may see something while catching the coin

will we hear a word broken in the stranger?