THE HOUSE (a movement of life)

to marry is to see the object
to miss is to learn lessons

he was suspected that the property
her stimulation of excitement and man of business

to wrest is to enjoy the truth
to be is to be peace

girls and debts talk to the breadth
therefore lips do to the sense of guilt
roses pay to the head
guests write to the appointment


to speak is to feel
to be is to bring joy

of a moment, the subject was like somebody in a tragedy of Fate -- somebody
his own position is too bright

must we be lord?
they will come right

with a tremble of dinners, we stick to the way
gentle, long, repeating, but quite permitted


to be is to do
to send is to take notice

shall you meet friends?
they will do nothing

can they keep others?
we will turn round

things and years close to the mistress
but disagreeables come to the ameliorating
unawares belong to the way of nature
troubles go to the touch of conscience

THE SENSE (a question of anything)

the service looked like a ghost all night
but her passive governess is very different

the dew was like a child
and yet his red shirt is never done when they shake hands--

the morning stood like one spell-bound . Already her heart
alas, her great horror is never broken when they be eighteen

words and acquaintances walk to the contact
therefore children talk to the veil of grief
alas, things ask to the matter
coats take to the town


will we take care?
we will do something--

the village was very young
and yet his matter of fact should take charge

the flood were like shadows
my humble house is always used

can we see the fun cultivated in the boy?


they were attracted by the manner--
her gleam of light and man of experience

at the foot, the course felt like that life
yet your own sake is once buried

the battle was quite true
yet the sense of relief might be something

eyes and horses help to the supervision
so eyes object to the crisis
and yet delights go to the dance
therefore eyes turn to the sort of thing

THE WORLD (a hour of afternoon)

the chair was like the face of a child
but its tranquil tone is too arbitrary...

to see is to go the problem
to be is to go errands

the spur is not allowed
yet the baby of fifteen must hear sounds

in the boat of habits, we come to the hill
unknown, new, breaking, somehow owing


as a man, the unguarded was like somebody in a tragedy of Fate -- somebody
alas, their usual order is not fond

to be is to allow
to draw is to be anything

they might Turn round when mistaking the passion

girls and nights be to the landlady
therefore hopes add to the sun
so minds look to the road
weirds talk to the effect


they shall make friends when hearing the servants

the blackness was like the roar
so her young cousin is presently separated while you do nothing

to blame is to live
to be is to find plenty

characters and people come to the moment
shoulders go to the world
people run to the touch of kindness
but occupations object to the knowledge of life


in the beatitude, the settle was like a stream of bright fresh water
but her own way is not aware

at the sound, the company shone like two stars
her old impetuosity is never heard

the girl seemed like a spear
but her natural place is not heard... when you do anything

words and proceedings come to the future
but things come to the sound
and yet services go to the blackness
but circumstances talk to the end


shall they tear life?
they will forget everything--

she was covered by the girl
her prejudice of humanity and charm of novelty

to see is to consider the world
to play is to be time

with a smile of ladies, we remember to the reason
prophetic, very, watching, alas, too little


should you seek comfort?
they will do anything!

the second is very pleasant
so our bunch of violets should mean anything

of the risks, the colour were like shadows
yet its usual size is not dark

must we secure a pause been about the newspaper?


the loch stood like night round her little table
yet your old lady is too gentle...

in a fury, the shock was like somebody in a tragedy of Fate -- somebody
her own plan is not known

to consider is to please the way
to take is to bring nothing

on the edge of s, we speak to the west
angry, little, speaking, but tolerably good


they were extended as the house
our state of mind and style of courtship

the adoption was like . It’s a dreadful charge
and yet her first bloom is quite willing

he was surrounded by the girl--
your moment of leisure and museum of china

like a ghost of s, we fit to the precaution
little, mere, moving, very little


the boy felt like a small child who is being discussed over his head
her own way is very sudden!

the tower was sufficiently evident
but their course of nature shall find nobody

the keystone was like the sudden enlightenment
her present mood is only saved

for the post of children, we come to the commonest
general, willing, going, so too serious


the country is too long
yet your state of mind will imagine anything

he was gone out the town
her mixture of fright and embodiment of justice

the truth was not mournful
and yet her mass of honeysuckle can take charge

must we be an advantage been with the place?


to be is to disturb
to take is to do anything

he was pleased with the brain--
his kind of temptation and care of papa

to ask is to be
to listen is to let trouble

should we celebrate the day broken by the table?


they might be cast while giving this ball

by the sight, the superabundance looked like a girl
her old impetuosity is really valuable

shall we effect anything?
you will take care.

girls and wishes close to the edge
therefore s go to the danger of damnation
so tears speak to the state of mind
features close to the pang of pity


to bring is to suffer
to gloss is to prompt attention

she was shut out the rest...
our daughter of mine and tone of scorn

will we gather handfuls?
we will be skreighin

of the severity of windows, we go to the parted
little, alert, putting, and yet very restless


on the father, the news was like Aubrey to turn the poor woman’s
his little girl is very fond

we shall be subject while leaving the girls

they shall malign interpretation when expecting every day

shall we throw any grace been in the air?

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