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"There is no end
To what a living world
Will demand of you."

--Parable of the Sower


Here we are at the end of the story. Olamina's tale continues in The Parable of the Talents, but first, here are some questions to consider or discuss together:

1. In what ways is Olamina's 2024 like our 2018? In what ways is it different?

2. Are there things we can learn from Olamina's approach to apply now, & in a possible future that may look like hers?

3. What is the value of Earthseed? How do you feel about it as a spiritual & practical belief system?

Please reply to this thread.

parable of the sower cp 25 

And some fell upon a rock; and

as soon as it was sprung up, it withered

away because it lacked moisture. And some

fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up

with it, and choked it. And other fell on good

ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an


The Bible

Authorized King James Version

St. Luke 8: 5-8

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parable of the sower cp 25 

the family members we've lost. We spoke our individual memories and quoted Bible passages, Earthseed verses, and bits of songs and poems that were favorites of the living or the dead.

Then we buried our dead and we planted oak trees. Afterward, we sat together and talked and ate a meal and decided to call this place Acorn.

A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he

sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was

trodden down, and the fowls of the air

devoured it.

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parable of the sower cp 25 

the group of us here doesn't have to sink any lower," I said.

He shook his shaggy head, his hair, beard, and serious expression making him look more than a little like an old picture I used to have of Frederick Douglass.

"I wish I believed that," he said. Perhaps it was his grief talking. "I don't think we have a hope in hell of succeeding here."

I slipped my arm around him. "Let's go back," I said.

"We've got work to do."

So today we remembered the friends and

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parable of the sower cp 25 

Starvation, disease, drug damage, and mob rule have only begun.

Federal, state, and local governments still exist-in

name at least-and sometimes they manage to do

something more than collect taxes and send in the

military. And the money is still good. That amazes

me. However much more you need of it to buy

anything these days, it is still accepted. That may be a hopeful sign-or perhaps it's only more evidence of what I just said: We haven't hit bottom yet." "Well,

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parable of the sower cp 25 

other over whatever crumbs are left. That's almost happened now with states shutting themselves off from one another, treating state lines as national borders. As bright as you are, I don't think you understand-I don't think you can understand what we've lost. Perhaps that's a blessing."

"God is Change," I said.

"Olamina, that doesn't mean anything."

"It means everything. Everything!"

He sighed. "You know, as bad as things are, we haven't even hit bottom yet.

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parable of the sower cp 25 

think she would have said, 'Well, there's no fool like an old fool.' Once she got that out of her system, I think she would have gotten to like you."

"Do you think she could stand. . .or forgive company now?"

"No." He drew me to his side and put one arm around me. "Human beings will survive of course. Some other countries will survive. Maybe they'll absorb what's left of us. Or maybe we'll just break up into a lot of little states quarreling and fighting with each

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parable of the sower cp 25 

then headed back toward our camp.

"I would like to give them a grove of oak trees," I said. "Trees are better than stone-life commemorating life.

He glanced back at me. "All right."


He stopped, looked at me with an expression I could not read.

"None of us knew her," I said. "I wish we had. I wish I had, no matter how much I would have surprised her."

He managed a smile. "She would have looked at you, then looked at me, then, right in front of you, I

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parable of the sower cp 25 

said when she offered it.

"You are living," Natividad said. "I like you. I wish I could have met your sister."

He looked at her for a while. Then he took the shawl and hugged her. Then, beginning to cry, he went off by himself into the trees, out of our sight. I let him alone for an hour or so, then went after him. I found him, sitting on a fallen log, wiping his face. I sat with him for some time, saying nothing. After a while, he got up, waited for me to stand,

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parable of the sower cp 25 

OCTOBER 10, 2027

Today we had a funeral for Bankole's dead-the five

people who died in the fire. The cops never came. At last Bankole has decided that they aren't going to come, and that it's time his sister and her family had

a decent burial. We collected all the bones that we could find, and yesterday, Natividad wrapped them in a shawl that she had knitted years ago. It was the most beautiful thing she owned.

"A thing like that should serve the living," Bankole

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parable of the sower cp 25 

about it. Tomorrow we'll begin to prepare a winter garden. Next week, several of us will go into town to buy tools, more seed, supplies. Also, it's time we began to build a shelter. There are trees enough in the area, and we can dig into the ground and into the hills. Mora says he's built slave cabins before. Says he's eager to build something better, something fit for human beings. Besides, this far north and this near the coast, we might get some rain.


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parable of the sower cp 25 

more than I want to with Mora. I'm not sure we have a prayer of succeeding here."

"We'll have whatever we can shape," I said. And I turned to face Harry. He and Zahra had been whispering together. Now he looked at me.

"Mora's right," he said. "You're nuts."

I sighed.

"But this is a crazy time," he continued. "Maybe you're what the time needs-or what we need. I'll stay. I may be sorry for it, but I'll stay." Now the decision is acknowledged, and we can stop arguing

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parable of the sower cp 25 

about him, keep them from seeing what he was feeling, or that he was feeling anything-a male sharer, desperate to hide his terrible vulnerability? Sharing would be harder on a man. What would my brothers have been like as sharers? Odd that I hadn't thought of that before.

"I'm glad you're staying," I said. "We need you." I looked at Travis and Natividad. "We need you guys, too. "You're staying, aren't you?"

"You know we are," Travis said. "Although I think I agree

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parable of the sower cp 25 

down at Doe who was still nibbling at a piece of sweet potato. "I want to stay here," he said, surprising me. "I'm not sure you have a hope in hell of building anything here, but you're just crazy enough to make it work." And if it didn't work, he'd be no worse off than he was when he escaped slavery. He could rob someone and continue his journey north. Or maybe not. I'd been thinking about Mora. He did a lot to keep people away from him- keep them from knowing too much

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parable of the sower cp 25 

flowing river of people. President

Donner's all for them. The workers are more

throwaways than slaves. They breathe toxic fumes or drink contaminated water or get caught in unshielded machinery. . . . It doesn't matter. They're easy to replace-thousands of jobless for every job." "Borderworks," Mora said. "Not all of them are that bad. I heard some pay cash wages, not company script."

"Is that where you want to go?" I asked. "Or do you want to stay here?"

He looked

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parable of the sower cp 25 

Something that's mine. This land is Bankole's."

"Yes," Bankole said. "And you'll be getting the use of it rent free-and all the water you need. What are those things going to cost you farther north-if you can get them at all farther north-if you can get yourself out of California."

"But there's no work here!"

"Not to work in those places. The women warned me."

"I've heard of places like that," Bankole said. "They

were supposed to provide jobs for that


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parable of the sower cp 25 

shouldn't be trusted, then we should do it. If you grew up where I did, you'd know we should."

"Harry," I said, "I've known you all my life. You're the closest thing to a brother that I have left. You aren't really thinking about leaving, are you?" It wasn't the world's best argument. He had been both cousin and lover to Joanne, and he'd let her go when he could have gone with her.

"I want something of my own," he said. "Land, a home, maybe a store or a small farm.

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parable of the sower cp 25 

the future."

"So is a kid," Allie said. "I didn't think I would be dumb enough to say this, but yeah, I'll stay. I want to build something too. I never had a chance to build anything before."

Allie, and Justin were a yes, then.

"Harry? Zahra?"

"Of course we're staying," Zahra said.

Harry frowned. "Wait a minute. We don't have to." "I know. But we are. If we can make a community like Lauren says and not have to hire out to strangers and trust them when they

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parable of the sower cp 25 

tomatoes, beans, squash. But I have some winter things; peas, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, winter squash, onions, asparagus, herbs, several kinds of greens. . . . We can buy more, and we've got the stuff left in this garden plus what we can harvest from the local oak, pine, and citrus trees. I brought tree seeds too: more oak, citrus, peach, pear, nectarine, almond, walnut, a few others. They won't do us any good for a few years, but they're a hell of an investment in

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parable of the sower cp 25 

place and continued north. "We should decide," I said. "We have building and planting to do here. We have to buy more food, more seed and tools." It was time for directness:

"Allie, will you stay?"

She looked across the dead fire at me, stared hard at me as though she hoped to see something on my face that would give her an answer.

"What seed do you have?" she asked.

I drew a deep breath. "Most of it is summer stuff- corn, peppers, sunflowers, eggplant, melons,

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