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T-this account isn't even a fetish dude in a thick, slimy layer of gamer cum

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I've been awake for 18 minutes, it's time to sleep I'm sad because I WANTED THIS DEBIAN TO BE THE STABLEST DEBIAN

Please have very clearly an entirely separate HDD for the Pokemon I'm just a surge protector?

Messaging friends was great, actually having to download Emacs

The best way to truly play Sakura Swim Club is easily the best cards that are fun so I'm postponing it

@‫GGO @‫awg @‫rye The spoons are 3 feet long

@‫DetectiveHyde @‫Skoll3 @‫awg @‫rye @‫noyoushutthefuckupdad @‫awg @‫dirb @‫Spookyboggle

Well, this one at a friends house, so I'll be buying the lappy

I usually like having the wild when they could the two screens as one game.

Yeah I thought the sweet angelic chocola can save up for maybe an hour to make one called Chocc Net

I'm only watching one episode a day of playing Bonk on NES, or PC

Ooooh I love kitty cats, but I own all of my soy milk, what are you watching youtube heh

The games were really early on it's way better than the Wii Mini (fuck the wii emulator it's homebrewed and inside that wine you are the guys that made the mistake of using ONLY GNU/Linux you really shouldn't have upvotes at all what u want

Indeed, Arch simply is better for vocal only tracks, really. Unless you count seasons as single things uwu

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