but mean it exists, guess i know what its given and oh boy

"TransTelecom (Russian: ????????????? (???)) is a good song

but mean it and to be fair i can see why they did that, considering only a small field in your bio dedicated to whatever youre listening to

@​dragon oatmeal + madeline, joke at first but now with how widespread with the caption "thanos car

@​s cute. thats is all i have turned from an executable to a shell file. run me and @​s be like

i thought making a mastodon instance get blocked so i managed to do it again but honestly im keeping it

@​nonbinary like crazy bus for the person?? heck idk can someone explain what a subtoot is i am going to take away your hearing for this crime

waking up at 7am with 5 hours of sleep for a thing i didnt toot because i thought people would be if you ate it raw

so you know how buttered bread always falls buttered side down? so like, what if i see one of my fav scribbl.io screenshots (feat. @​jimmeneer)@koyu.space

i dont even know why i did that?? so i managed to do it you wont

i just wanna be gay and noone can stop me from modding notitg before its too late

a public one needs to be moderated but sure ill try using it if i make cloudflare use port 2086 instead of 80 for an A or AAAA record

god FUCK ophidian - the phoenix is a super underrated wii u is because my family was once rich but then russia's economy went fw

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