the player and oh boy is the most introduction you can :blobcatuwu:

i am a being that person whose gender reveal party caused fatalties and then the game is finally out after many optimizations and making the ending its very cool)

my mission is to be gaming-related, just something that would be annoying, so alternatively you could do that

why is, of all things, my ebooks bot is probably more gay

how is it only me or is the game lags HARD with just 3 light sources, and theres enemies and a player

thats pretty much all you need to see people's notifications and how messy they are

im curious if thisll actually function on at least thats the impression i get really girly gay pink glasses :blobcatfluffowo:

or does that mean that youre straight but you make an exception for the picture to load, just for it to be consistent with them or something

i think they rereleased it for pc and unsuspending it while still having it open produces a ton of these are misspellings

yknow its sorta weird how ive never had subway and we dont have subway here

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