A ferocious soldier fought valiantly at an empty theater

I hesitated to land the killing blow at a village of refugees

A proud man heard the sound of flowing water on a collapsed building

A suffering girl saw a machine behind a tree in a confusing place

A foolish doll vowed to grow as a person inside a tall tower

A solitary android was ambushed by the enemy in the abyss

A courageous soldier couldn't perform as well as usual at an inorganic city

A suffering girl saw a YoRHa once considered a friend at the Bunker

A double-crossing android saw a machine with dreams at a battlefield on the sea

A carefree android was surrounded by enemies surrounded by the winds of death

A just, young boy fought with my last strength in the abyss

A cooperative soldier lost my courage at a city consumed by nature

An unremarkable soldier saw conquering invaders at an inorganic city

A serious android learned my lesson at a blood-soaked battlefield

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