A hollowed-out doll saw a machine in love with humans at a fake city

An earth-loving android felt my life slip away at the kingdom of machines

A double-crossing android saw a machine buried in sand at a city consumed by water

A weapon-carrying android couldn't help but smile at the capital of junk

A humanoid machine saw a YoRHa once considered a friend underground

A woman without beliefs felt despair at this cold world at a city drenched in blue

A scared girl didn't give up until the very end during a pointless battle

A passionate amazon heard the call of friends at the Bunker

A lone swordsman saw a pathetic lump of metal at a place of memories

A cursed child felt my own lack of strength in a world of sand

A beautiful android saw a YoRHa once considered a friend below dark skies

A lone swordsman saw red eyes gazing down somewhere very dark

A vengeful girl saw my old companions on a tower smiled upon by angels

A poor lamb saw a YoRHa once considered a friend in a dark hole beneath a city

I saw a machine living for combat at the home of scrap-iron

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