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Nier: Automata Death Messages

I was amused by how it all ended at the capital of junk

A lone swordsman was careless at a city drowned in green

A craven soldier challenged the enemy foolishly at a village of refugees

A sea-loving android heard the screams of crazed machines at an empty theater

I died an honorable death on green pastures

A small android wasn't fast enough in a vain forest

An emotional android saw a machine dancing like mad at the capital of junk

A poor lamb admired the enemy's strength in the depths of hell

I saw the enemy take over Earth at a garbage dump

A naive soldier heard the footsteps of machines in a dark hole beneath a city

A poor lamb didn't give up until the very end at a fake city

A lone swordsman was overcome by fear in a vain forest

A ferocious soldier felt life slip away at a village of refugees

A courageous soldier heard the sound of flowing water at YoRHa HQ

A naive soldier fought a brave battle at a place fit to die

A lone woman saw swaying flora at an empty theater

A ruthless android saw swaying flora in a deep

A suffering girl wasn't fast enough on a tower smiled upon by angels

A hollowed-out doll had the tables turned at the ruins of a civilization