A just, young boy had the tables turned on me during a pointless battle

A hollowed-out doll saw machines enjoying a parade at an empty theater

A lone pugilist saw a YoRHa once considered a friend in the deepest darkness

A lone lancer missed the chance of a lifetime at YoRHa HQ

A sky-loving android saw an android with red eyes in a desert of shadows

An earth-loving android thought of my beloved at a garbage dump

A ruthless android had the tables turned on me at a land stuck in the past

A vengeful girl stopped trying to think at a city consumed by water

An earth-loving android heard the footsteps of machines at a city of boxes

A lone lancer saw a machine behind a tree at a city consumed by nature

A small android felt my own weakness somewhere very dark

A craven soldier lost the battle at a city drowned in green

A beautiful android felt the coldness of water at a manufactured city

A lone swordsman saw a machine full of love at a city of boxes

A naive soldier fell with grace at the home of scrap-iron

A reckless soldier was ambushed by the enemy in a deserted land

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