A lone lancer felt despair at this cold world at a closed theater

A weapon-carrying android saw a machine living for combat at the ruins of a civilization

A secretive girl learned to fear the enemy at a city of boxes

A lone swordsman saw soldiers protecting their land in a lush forest

A serious android could not get up again in a cradle in the sky

A naive soldier saw a machine eating its own kind on a collapsed building

A beautiful android got killed at a tower built by the gods

A lone lancer regretted nothing at a land stuck in the past

A lone swordsman felt the coldness of water in a cradle in the sky

A ruthless android was overcome by fear inside an empty ship

I laughed at the enemy's strength at the kingdom of machines

A small android saw a machine full of love surrounded by the winds of death

A humanoid machine became a beautiful memory at a garbage dump

A black android saw a machine imitating a human in the deepest darkness

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