An inexperienced soldier saw a white book at a closed theater

An unremarkable soldier heard the call of friends below dark skies

A sea-loving android admired the enemy's strength at the home of scrap-iron

A beautiful android hesitated to kill my foe at a peace-loving village

An inexperienced soldier heard the screams of crazed androids at a sunken city

I saw a machine buried in sand on a shining blue surface

A poor lamb saw red eyes gazing down at a city of building blocks

A nature-loving android regretted nothing looking down on Earth

I had no chance against my opponent in a world of ended dreams

A ferocious soldier could not get up again at a blood-soaked battlefield

A proud man saw a machine eating its own kind over there

A cooperative soldier saw a machine living in junk on a collapsed building

A dual-wielder saw a caring machine at the kingdom of machines

A lone woman laughed at the enemy's strength at a village of refugees

An animal-loving android turned my back on the enemy looking down on Earth

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