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Nier: Automata Death Messages

One android saw machines enjoying a parade at a copied city

A sky-loving android saw a machine dancing like mad on a collapsed building

A lone swordsman saw a machine ponder life and death at an inorganic city

A black android was attacked from behind at a city drenched in blue

A proud man laughed at my own demise at a copied city

A proud man saw a machine living for combat at the ruins of a civilization

A secretive girl saw a machine eating its own kind at a manufactured city

A lone soldier laughed at the enemy's strength during a pointless battle

A craven soldier was ambushed by the enemy at a sunken city

A weapon-carrying android saw a machine eating its own kind in the boring countryside

I couldn't perform as well as usual at a closed theater

A vengeful girl saw a machine in love with humans in the deepest darkness

A cursed child fought with my last strength at a peace-loving village

A passionate amazon turned my back on the enemy in a deep

A dual-wielder wanted to know my own limits in a deserted land

An earth-loving android let my doubts get the best of me at a city drenched in blue

A lone soldier saw soldiers protecting their land in a land of distorted fairy tales

A dreamy child saw swaying flora at a mountain of metal

A hollowed-out doll heard a girl laughing merrily underground

A lone swordsman saw a white book in the boring countryside