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Nier: Automata Death Messages

A suffering girl regretted nothing at the kingdom of machines

I turned my back on the enemy in a deserted land

A scared girl laughed at the enemy's strength during a pointless battle

I wished for a friend's victory on a collapsed building

A cursed child saw a black book in a deserted land

A humanoid machine let my doubts get the best of me below dark skies

A lone lancer regretted nothing at a city with a gaping hole

A nameless android saw a white flower in the boring countryside

A loyal soldier saw a bitter enemy at a place fit to die

A vengeful girl was overcome by fear underground

I was attacked from behind in a desert of shadows

A beautiful android became a beautiful memory somewhere very dull

I tried taking on a powerful foe during the decisive battle

A shrewd soldier was careless at a sunken city

A lone pugilist was careless somewhere very dull

A sky-loving android was overcome by fear at a land stuck in the past

A passionate amazon vowed revenge at a city drowned in green

A secretive girl wasn't myself in a deserted land