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Nier: Automata Death Messages

A double-crossing android tried taking on a powerful foe at a sunken city

A cursed child saw machines that believed in the uncertain in the deepest darkness

A cooperative soldier saw a machine living in junk at a city drowned in green

I stopped trying to think on ground of steel

A solitary android could not get up again underground

I was trapped on the defensive in the free skies

An emotional android saw swaying flora at a place fit to die

A dreamy child laughed at the enemy's strength at the capital of junk

A craven soldier became a beautiful memory at the enemy's lair

A solitary android heard the sound of flowing water at a fake city

A secretive girl felt my life slip away in a desert of shadows

A sea-loving android felt my own weakness at a city with a gaping hole

A scared girl saw a machine full of love on ground of steel

A dual-wielder saw a machine living in junk inside a tall tower

A sky-loving android learned to fear the enemy at a place fit to die

A serious android was attacked from behind in a vain forest

An animal-loving android saw squadmates lose their minds at the home of scrap-iron

An inexperienced soldier saw a pathetic lump of metal at the Bunker