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NieR: Automata Death Messages

A proud man saw a machine eating its own kind in the depths of hell

A dual-wielder missed my biggest chance at a mountain of metal

A woman without beliefs almost won in a world of sand

A nature-loving android used up all my strength at a city of building blocks

A poor lamb applied all combat intel at a sunken city

A ruthless android felt my life slip away in a deserted land

A weaponless soldier suffered a double KO at a manufactured city

A lone lancer couldn't help but smile at a city of boxes

I saw a machine in love with humans during the decisive battle

A courageous soldier didn't give up until the very end at a peace-loving village

A woman without beliefs saw machines that believed in the uncertain surrounded by the winds of death

A loyal soldier faced away from the enemy in a world of ended dreams

A secretive girl heard the sound of waves inside a tall tower

A foolish doll tried taking on a powerful foe in the abyss

I heard the screams of crazed androids at a blood-soaked battlefield

A just, young boy wished for my friends' victory at a land stuck in the past