An animal-loving android saw a machine ponder life and death at a battlefield on the sea

A solitary android saw a machine with dreams on ground of steel

One android heard the screams of crazed machines inside an empty ship

A vengeful girl faced away from the enemy at a city consumed by nature

A cooperative soldier couldn't find a weakpoint at a place fit to die

A scared girl felt life slip away in a land of distorted fairy tales

A foolish doll challenged the enemy foolishly in a dark hole beneath a city

A greedy soldier became a beautiful memory at a tower built by the gods

A weaponless soldier turned my back on the enemy at a village of refugees

A weaponless soldier saw a lost machine inside an empty ship

An animal-loving android saw the enemy take over Earth in a confusing place

A carefree android saw a machine ponder life and death inside a tall tower

An unremarkable soldier heard a girl laughing merrily in a vain forest

A carefree android vowed revenge at a city consumed by water

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