A passionate amazon saw a machine full of love in the depths of hell

A reckless soldier wasn't myself in the land where he used to live

A ferocious soldier admired the enemy's strength at a battlefield on the sea

A passionate amazon heard the call of friends at a city of building blocks

A bohemian soldier saw a pathetic lump of metal at a sunken city

I didn't give up until the very end in a cradle in the sky

A vengeful girl died an honorable death during a pointless battle

A just, young boy saw an android with red eyes in a world of sand

A carefree android saw a blue bird at a city of building blocks

A serious android saw a machine living for combat at a peace-loving village

A combat-loving android felt fate toying with me in a city reclaimed by nature

An earth-loving android saw a machine eating its own kind on green pastures

A vengeful girl saw a machine living in junk at a land stuck in the past

One android saw a machine behind a tree in a confusing place

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