A proud man heard a girl laughing merrily inside an empty ship

A lone woman saw the enemy take over Earth at a place fit to die

A weapon-carrying android saw my old companions at a battlefield on the sea

I heard the calls of his friends on a tower smiled upon by angels

I heard the footsteps of machines during a pointless battle

A shrewd soldier tried taking on a powerful foe during the decisive battle

A weapon-carrying android regretted my own mistakes at a village of refugees

A double-crossing android fell with grace at a city of building blocks

A secretive girl tried taking on a powerful foe at a city consumed by water

A ferocious soldier was distracted by a flower on a tower smiled upon by angels

A lone lancer saw red eyes gazing down at the enemy's lair

A nature-loving android saw old companions in a desert of shadows

A craven soldier saw a white book at a manufactured city

A just, young boy stopped trying to think at a land stuck in the past

A double-crossing android saw a white flower looking down on Earth

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