remember -- practice makes perfect -- have friends and family member take photos of you regularly so being in front of the camera feels natural and comfortable.

this might be important: it is normal for ink to come off throughout the cleaning process.

hey, remember: keep in groups of 3 or more, these are social fish and will both suffer stress related illnesses and fail to breed if they are unhappy. *nod*

hey, remember: add a small amount of lemon juice to your water and sugar mixture. it will give it a subtle flavor, and it helps prevent the caramel sauce from hardening. trust me.

remember: never add new points in your speech because you still have time, as you might not present it in the best way. when you are nervous, you might even say an argument in favor of the other side and you don't want that. <3

hey, this might be important: if your work involves lots of standing, make sure your body isn't constantly rotated or twisted to one side— maintaining symmetry and balance is important.

hey, remember -- make a fuo-fuo sound when playing long notes(make the sound long).

here's a cool tip: respect the personal space of others, and their right for privacy.

be careful, do not go to sleep too late before a test.

remember: if you are using bluetooth headphones for workout, consider light headphones or earbuds as heavy over ear headsets might disturb you because of their bulkiness.

careful -- make sure they understand the purpose of the relationship, and don't think you are a couple. ok?

hey don't forget, if you can’t find all of the beads you want at your local store, try shopping for them online.

hey, form 8283 is most often filled out for donations of goods like a car, exercise machine, computer, boat or piece of art, rather than clothing.

a cool tip: many malaria parasites have become immune to the most common drugs used to treat the infection.[17]

um, several drops of oil can also be placed on a teaspoon of sugar and taken orally 2 or 3 times each day to treat general symptoms of inflammation or infection.

hey. many people are sensitive to altitude changes when taking off or landing. to prevent pressure that may cause a headache or uncomfortable popping in your ears, you might try chewing gum while taking off or landing.

remember: does this item need to be in this room? don't forget

hey. to motivate yourself, consider setting aside some early-morning me time in which you do something you love for 20 minutes.

a cool tip is some patterns will only tell you how many stitches your gauge should be, and omit the number of rows.

don't forget, chemical strippers work best if you are stripping wood with many grooves or if the wood has areas that are difficult to sand. don't forget

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