here's a cool tip: make sure that you have good posture while playing.

reminder: be enthusiastic. you're interviewing as a person, not just an employee. please

my advice: set out food and drinks that fit the theme of the room so your guests have something to snack on while they're solving the puzzles. ok?

remember... listen to eminem, and just let it happen, something will pop up in your head.

hey... find a quiet place for prayer and meditate on the topic that you are working with.

a cool tip is don’t do deep squats if you are a beginner or have knee problems or knee pain. deep squats are done when you push your hips deeply in a way that your thighs are below your knees.

hey... slowly increase the length and time of social interaction through the weeks. you could start with 5 minutes a day, at least once a week, to half an hour a day, every 2 days a week, and so forth.

hey, remember -- clean indoor lighting bulbs each month. dirt and dust can decrease the amount of light emitted from the indoor bulbs.

um, if you or the individual you’re purchasing the star for are truly interested in astronomy, it might be better to invest in a good telescope or join a local astronomy club than to buy a star. ok?

remember, don't put your hamster under a tap to wash! bathing should be a last resort. speak to your vet about the least distressing method. ok?

this might be important: blood stains very easily because it coagulates when it gets warm, so when you treat it like a regular stain and wash it in warm water, you will set the stain.

hey -- when getting the clothes/make up check out hot topic and claire's (america), penny's, claire's and dunne's (irish/british) don't forget

remember, avoid sex during your treatment to help clear up symptoms more quickly.[23]

please, drink plenty of water. this will keep you hydrated and lower the risk of a hangover. don't forget

be careful, never alter your image of yourself because someone tells you that you should. if you feel feminine, you are feminine.

be wary... this guide is for medical use, ask your doctor before using marijuana

hey, remember -- please remember that results come with time, so be patient.

um, during a pinkeye infection, be sure to eat right and get enough sleep. this can help your body's immune system more effectively fight the virus.

hey, this might be important: dungeon dice masters is no longer in print and it is hard to find. if you have a copy of this game, hang onto it!

my advice: if you are traveling across an international border, the flight attendants will give you a customs form in flight. fill out this form before you land to save time.

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