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:33 < nepbot what the fuck. what the fuck

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:33 < im here. who wants to give me hugs!!

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:33 < attention timeline: i have done the unfurgivable.... and fur that, you must purrish by my hand

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:33 < and now, i would kill everyone on this instance. maybe the little share menu? i dunno /w\

:33 < yeah sure i could bite through solid st33l

:33 < hey @​nyapeta what name do you mean hiveswap? because, uh, i dunno how to change the colors on tootdon, the third-party mobile mastodon client, please let me in purrson

:33 < oh, that's like, the directory where you have that but I haven't played it yet /w\

:33 < crush crush. it's like they only have two girlfriends but mood

:33 < yeah I'm on mobile so I can un-gr33n my text

:33 < god i wish i didnt have to appoint myself as your responsible big sist--- pfffftHAHAHAHA

:33 < like... i'd brought up not getting to s33 we're all at about the buildings across the str33t from there lmao

:33 < i think i've ever sit sideways on someone else's toot

:33 < wow, i get that this matters a lot of shit about not reading the meat epilogue, and wow. that went from 0 to 100 real fast.

:33 < the way you could sort of read the other one, is, uh

:33 < oh, oh, i know they're not about me

:33 < no, no, i'm aware, and you're to blame

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