You're in The Woods of the Doorbell.
A pulsing ochre light periodically illuminates the area and a lone bush with sepia luminescent leaves grows nearby.

You're in Source of the Shouts.
A large, marble frog statue is nearby and many shouts are scattered about.

You're in The Infinity of Engineering.
Loosely scattered engineerings are floating around and the hue of everything slowly cycles through the spectrum.

You're in The Crisp Cavern.
Here the temperature feels temperate and a heavy, pristine door is set into a nearby wall.

You're on the deck of a dreadnought in Dock of Politicians.
The entire area is covered in shadow and collections of huge, topaz crystals are growing everywhere.

You're on a cruiser in The Circle of Trays.
A huge base warps into the area and navy stars glitter far off in space.

You're in Pits of Runaways.
The sound of machinery comes from above and loosely scattered blue coloured stones are floating around.

You're outside a shopping mall in The Exchange of the Invader.
Various market stalls sprawl across the exchange and collections of huge, cream crystals are growing everywhere.

You're in The Zones of the Lettuces.
Rows of limestone pillars stretch into the distance and parts of a worn steel wall lay nearby.

You're in Dreamscape of Lily.
Thin blobs of ivory slime are scattered about and rows of copper pillars stretch into the distance.

You're in Caves of the Bet.
A ruined titanium path pokes through the ground and a tiny pile of rubble blocks the way ahead.

You're on a cruiser in The Zone of Bedrooms.
Two satellites attack each in a fierce battle and an immense Dyson sphere is nearby.

You're in The Factory Mainframes.
A low rumbling noise comes from afar and small stacks of factories are scattered about.

You're drifting in The Cloud of the Comparisons.
Two starships attack each in a fierce battle and an immense Dyson sphere is nearby.

You're in Providers Crater.
Nearby cool water gently flows with a burble and a rain of ash falls from above.

You're in The Shoestrings Woods.
A pulsing russet light periodically illuminates the area and a ruined glass path pokes through the ground.

You're in Craters of the Thing.
Small piles of things are scattered about and the mocha sky has few large clouds floating above.

You're in Falls of Vests.
Loosely scattered newspapers are floating in place and a dilute, amber fog blankets the area.

You're on a platform in Pseudocode Bayou.
A dense, puce fog blankets the area and many coins are scattered about.

You're on a dock in The Bayou of the Honour.
The sound of a ringing phone comes from above and many honours are scattered about.

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