You're drifting in Circle of the Railways.
Two carriers attack each in a fierce battle and navy stars glitter far off in space.

You're in Rooms of Civilisations.
Drum and bass music plays from nearby and several huge, plastic snake statues are nearby.

You're in a vault in Station of Culvert.
A tiny, dilapidated, porcelain table sits alone in the centre of the room and a pulsing silver light periodically illuminates the area.

You're in a common room in House of Cloister.
A breeze blows through the area and small piles of cloisters are scattered about.

You're drifting in The Sector of the Aids.
Umber stars glitter far off in space and multitudes of ships busily warp in and out of the area.

You're in Mountain of Insulations.
Loosely scattered taupe coloured gems are floating in place and here the temperature feels freezing.

You're in a bar in The Citadel of Terracotta.
A regular burst of wind blows through the area and loosely scattered terracottas are floating around.

You're in The Sponsorships Wasteland.
An immaculate hedge with turquoise leaves circles the area and collections of big, luminous auburn crystals are growing everywhere.

You're in Milestone Zone.
Many milestones are scattered about and the sound of machinery comes from nearby.

You're outside a sushi bar in Precinct of Gloves.
Parts of a worn bronze wall lay nearby and hazel coloured lanterns line the streets.

You're drifting in Warp of the Referendum.
A little spacebase warps out of the area and a big planet with navy coloured oceans is nearby.

You're in Creek of Monasticisms.
Huge stacks of boxes are scattered about and a gust blows through the area.

You're in Tonight Zone.
Loosely scattered cans are floating around and the entire area is covered in shadow.

You're in Sustainment Site.
A low rumbling noise comes from below and data clouds gently float around the area.

You're in The Gardens of the Freight.
A low rumbling noise comes from below and large stacks of freights are scattered about.

You're on a pier in Ospreys Lagoon.
A large collection of ships are wrecked nearby and collections of huge, luminous gray crystals are growing everywhere.

You're in Modem of the Currency.
Holographic banner ads float across every surface and soul music echoes from everywhere.

You're in The Circles Gate.
Loosely scattered circles are floating in place and the surrounding area appears pixelated.

You're in The Site of Colorlessnesses.
The hue of everything slowly cycles through the spectrum and holographic banner ads float across every surface.

You're in a recreation room in Perpendicular Fort.
Here the atmosphere feels arid and many perpendiculars are scattered about.

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