You're drifting in an escape pod in The System of the Trims.
A tiny asteroid base warps into the area and a tiny, mauve star is nearby.

You're in Void of Wriggling.
A half buried pile of plastic bricks is nearby and reality here wobbles slightly.

You're in The Adjective Maze.
A half buried pile of bronze bricks is nearby and an electronic hum comes from below.

You're in The Summit of the Incubations.
An electronic hum comes from above and tiny piles of new books are scattered about.

You're in Marathon Pit.
Loosely scattered coins are floating around and the hue of everything slowly cycles through the spectrum.

You're in The Lungs Wilderness.
A half buried pile of metal bricks is nearby and nearby cold water gently flows with a burble.

You're in Still Grove.
Heavy hail falls with an irregular burst of wind and floating groups of small, aquamarine lights dance about.

You're in Ambiguity Glen.
A dilute, green fog blankets the area and a lone bush with crimson luminescent leaves grows nearby.

You're in a throne room in The Citadel of Experiment.
Pipes along the walls leak a white coloured liquid and hip hop music plays from below.

You're drifting in Gate of Hurricanes.
A big fleet of ships warp out of the area and magenta stars glitter far off in space.

You're on an outpost in Cloud of the Ambulances.
Two spacebases attack each in a fierce battle and there's a vast nothing in all directions.

You're in The Server of the Quest.
Big towers covered in blinking burgundy lights surround the area and an electronic hum comes from above.

You're in The Hollow of the Browser.
Huge stacks of browsers are scattered about and a heavy, azure fog blankets the area.

You're in The Difficulties Mountain.
Parts of a worn steel wall lay nearby and a lone tree with yellow luminescent leaves grows nearby.

You're in Conduit of the Oversights.
The sound of machinery comes from afar and glowing cream lines pulse rhythmically.

You're in Oasis of Institution.
Ruined jade bricks poke out through the ground and the cloudless sky has a teal hue.

You're in Zone of Patent.
Small stacks of bottles are scattered about and maroon pipes endlessly generate all around.

You're in Combat Rift.
Staircases placed at all angles lead off into the distance and a pulsing cyan light periodically illuminates the area.

You're in The Logistic Marsh.
Here the temperature feels scorching and little stacks of logistics are scattered about.

You're on a jetty in The Port of Perception.
A soft, mocha fog blankets the area and loosely scattered perceptions are floating in place.

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