You're on a pier in The Garments Bayou.
Soft blobs of vermillion slime are scattered about and light hail falls with a periodic wind.

You're on an islet in The Shore of Reflection.
An electronic hum comes from afar and the crystal, ivory water churns roughly.

You're in The Fen of the Bite.
Loosely scattered shields are floating around and country music echoes from afar.

You're on a dock in Harbour of Jiffy.
Light snow falls with a wind and a tiny, cerulean cruise ship pulls into the harbour.

You're outside a train station in The Midtown of Simplifications.
Various market stalls sprawl across the midtown and parts of a worn brass wall lay nearby.

You're in Copse of Granddaughters.
Loosely scattered granddaughters are floating around and a low rumbling noise comes from everywhere.

You're drifting in an escape pod in The Windshields Field.
A large planet with white coloured oceans is nearby and two space liners attack each in a fierce battle.

You're in a mechanical room in Castle of the Name.
A pulsing sepia light periodically illuminates the area and floating groups of small, ecru lights dance about.

You're in a freezer in The Acropolis of Rubrics.
Floating groups of small, silver lights dance about and a dilute, black fog blankets the area.

You're in an antechamber in Citadel of the Middles.
The sound of a ticking clock comes from nearby and little piles of stools are scattered about.

You're in The Source of the Photographer.
A thin, crimson fog blankets the area and many photographers are scattered about.

You're in Cavern of Gauge.
A heavy, decayed door is set into a nearby wall and patches of fresh, chartreuse paint are scattered about.

You're outside a convenience store in The Railyard of Bullets.
Parts of a worn alabaster wall lay nearby and a heavy, turquoise fog blankets the area.

You're in Rooms of Mare.
The hue of everything slowly cycles through the spectrum and a ruined wooden structure lays nearby.

You're in Decoration Lake.
Loosely scattered old chairs are floating around and a pulsing chartreuse light periodically illuminates the area.

You're on the deck of a hovercraft in The Bayou of Chairlifts.
Several tiny whirlpools spin nearby and a scorching, heavy rain falls with an irregular burst of wind.

You're drifting in an escape pod in The Circle of the Pardons.
A little, beige star is nearby and multitudes of ships busily warp in and out of the area.

You're in The Canyon of Mediums.
Parts of a worn bronze wall lay nearby and nearby chilly water gently flows with a burble.

You're in The Waste of Moustache.
Many moustaches are scattered about and psychedelic music plays from above.

You're in The Uncles Mine.
A pulsing red light periodically illuminates the area and loosely scattered uncles are floating in place.

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