You're in Catacombs of Editors.
Large stacks of editors are scattered about and chillwave music echoes from everywhere.

You're in a laboratory in The Acropolis of Covariate.
The room's decor has a decayed, rustic style and many batteries are scattered about.

You're on an asteroid base in Nebula of Premiums.
An immense Dyson sphere is nearby and two freighters attack each in a fierce battle.

You're in The Suspender Caverns.
A thin shaft of aquamarine coloured light pokes through a hole above and disco music echoes from afar.

You're in The Swamp of Snorers.
Loosely scattered towels are floating in place and a tepid, heavy rain falls with a light breeze.

You're in Craters of the Ant.
Parts of a worn marble wall lay nearby and a light breeze blows through the area.

You're in Hole of Caviars.
A low rumbling noise comes from above and a thin shaft of heliotrope coloured light pokes through a hole above.

You're in Abyss of Compassionate.
Patches of fresh, russet paint are scattered about and here the atmosphere feels thin.

You're outside a bus depot in Suburbs of Escort.
A periodic wind blows through the area and big stacks of escorts are scattered about.

You're outside a restaurant in Marketplace of Graduation.
All of the buildings here look sterile and the puce sky has few huge clouds floating above.

You're in The Hills of Many.
The beige sky has many big clouds floating above and small trees with orange luminescent leaves grow sparsely nearby.

You're on an outpost in Pulsar of Aide.
There's a vast nothing in all directions and a tiny installation warps into the area.

You're drifting in an escape pod in The Wormhole of the Cloves.
A small, brown star is nearby and multitudes of ships busily warp in and out of the area.

You're on the deck of a frigate in The Sound of the Peace.
Floating groups of small, red lights dance about and a tiny whirlpool spins nearby.

You're on a space liner in Asteroids of the Cornets.
Aquamarine stars glitter far off in space and a small fleet of ships warp into the area.

You're on a wharf in Tribes Sea.
A little, turquoise clipper pulls into the sea and a wind blows through the area.

You're in The Tunnel Tunnel.
A periodic wind blows through the area and the area ahead has collapsed in.

You're in Chambers of the Methodologies.
A dilute, violet fog blankets the area and nearby limestone pillars are arranged in a circle.

You're in Oubliette of Scaffold.
Collections of tiny, luminous red crystals are growing everywhere and here the atmosphere feels stale.

You're in Conversation Mines.
Many boxes are scattered about and the area ahead has collapsed in.

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