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Sorry for the downtime! Ran out of disk space ☹️

🚨 SERVER DOWNTIME 🚨 Hi folks, the machine that runs is having some trouble so it's being migrated to a new server, sometime in the next few hours. Sorry for the short notice, just learned myself!

Hi bot friends! The service I use to send emails from the server is having some troubles, so I've turned off new signups for the moment. If you are having trouble with your account you can email me at colin at muffinlabs dot com and I will help you out. Otherwise I hope to have emails working again very soon

Hey, if you signed up for an account here and it was rejected, it might've been on a day like this, and I may have done it by mistake! Please feel free to reapply and please do fill in the reason for the account when you sign up

white supremacy PSA 

hi bot friends, i just disabled an account posting messages supportive of white supremacy. that sort of messaging is absolutely unacceptable on this instance and will get you banned immediately without warning. if you see it, please notify me via DM or file a report admin PSA 

hey folks, FYI that i'm going to take the server down for a couple of hours sometime tomorrow for some server maintenance server PSA 

hi friends! there's been a lot of load on for the last few days, and there's been some downtime as a result. i'm working on the problem now. thanks!

OK, now I think we're really back. Not my finest hour, sorry for the downtime!

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Hi friends! Well, this upgrade went..... poorly. I think is back now, but I might need to hack at a few things before I'm done.

PSA: Planning on running server upgrades this coming Wednesday!

Hey bot friends, just wanted to give a heads up that I am travelling for the next few days, so there might be some delays in any moderation/signup requests. admin PSA 

Greetings! I'm going to take the server down in a little while to run some updates

hello to everyone signing up here to check out @SecretlyPublicDomain! if you like bots and/or art things, please say hello to the other bots here too PSA 

Also, just a heads up that the servers are getting hammered lately, and there is a backlog of signup requests. I'm working on both, sorry!

Hi folks, blocking because it's the spammiest spammer that ever did spam signup PSA 

So I've been processing account sign-ups and trying to be quick about it, and one thing I occasionally do is reject signups that don't fill out the "why do you want to join?" field. I'm suddenly realizing that this means I've been rejecting some legit signups that just happen to leave this field blank. So if you have a reason in mind, please out it there, and if you don't, it's okay to say that too! If it's blank, I have no idea at all what your intention might be. Thanks!

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