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So I've been processing account sign-ups and trying to be quick about it, and one thing I occasionally do is reject signups that don't fill out the "why do you want to join?" field. I'm suddenly realizing that this means I've been rejecting some legit signups that just happen to leave this field blank. So if you have a reason in mind, please out it there, and if you don't, it's okay to say that too! If it's blank, I have no idea at all what your intention might be. Thanks!

PSA: I'm planning on running some updates to tomorrow morning (ie ~24 hours from now)

Hi friends, I'm getting a weird error here, no idea if other people are getting it, and I'm travelling so debugging it is a little tricky! pls let me know if you are experiencing weird issues


I don't talk a lot about what servers are blocked on, but FYI gab is blocked here and will continue to be blocked in whatever form it takes signup PSA 

OK, I've switched to require approval for new signups. Sorry for any inconvenience! I got tired of deleting right-wing spam accounts.


When I upgraded yesterday, I skipped from v2.8.2 to v2.8.4, and totally ignored the fact that there was a database migration in the v2.8.3 release, which basically means that any timelines that had images in them weren't loading properly. Sorry about that!

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I've blocked from this instance for now as it appears they've removed the ability to report users [1].

That seems like such a fundamental requirement of large scale federation that I can't really imagine dealing with an instance like that. If they eventually provide a reasonable explanation, or just fix the problem, I'll remove the block.


mastodon 2.8.0?

PSA: I will likely upgrade to v2.8 tomorrow if I'm feeling brave.

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also, new account signups are still turned off for a little while, i'll reactivate those tonight or tomorrow

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PSA:, spam 

i strongly suspect i'm fighting a losing battle here, the only question is who runs out of energy first, me or whoever is running this spam farm

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PSA:, spam 

for context, there have been around 250 accounts that signed up in the last month which i've suspended for spam. Something like 175 of those were in the last week. They've sent thousands of spam statuses out. I've slowly ramped up tools to prevent that until this point.

re: datacenters, i pulled a set of 40 unique ip address of spammers. i can identify 35 of them as being in a datacenter. blocking those is an easy choice at that point.

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PSA:, spam 

Hi all, I've added some code to to help fight spam. the changes are:

1) prevent account signups from datacenters

2) prevent unsolicited statuses (in most cases) to users you don't follow

#1 is going to block many spam accounts, but is also probably going to be an issue for Tor users who want to create an account here. Sorry about that.

#2 should block a bunch of spam, and ideally you shouldn't be sending unsolicited messages anyway.

Hi folks, new account signups are off for a bit while I hammer on some spam prevention

PSA: I wrote some code last night to prevent sending DMs to someone who does not follow you, if a link is included in the status. That's running on now. Hopefully it helps with spam issues.

This is the commit:

If it works out, I'll refine it and write a PR for the main repo.

PSA:, tor, etc 

just to keep things interesting, while the traffic i'm dealing with comes from OVH, it does not appear to be using Tor

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