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PSA:, tor, etc 

hi all, sorry for the instability! the server is a little overtaxed lately, i'm keeping an eye on it, and thinking about doing some upgrades

Hi folks! Please pardon any network interruptions while I make a few DNS changes for that will make server management a lot easier in the future.


Hi bot friends! I've suspended accounts from a few sources which were sending DM spam. Apologies for the annoyance!

Sorry for the downtime everyone! The server ran out of disk space.

Hello from Mastodon 2.7! Sorry for the downtime, there were a few issues with the upgrade server issues 

Small bit of downtime, sorry about that! Should be back to life now

Pro Tip: find another place to host your Pewdiepie bot

Hello there! FYI I just suspended some accounts here that appeared to be tooting spam, and/or just looked very fake. If I overdid it and suspended your account by mistake, please let me know.

🚨 Hey bot friends, I'll be taking down in about 24 hours to do some upgrades 🚨

Lovers of news! I just boosted this, but just to reiterate: there's a new instance devoted to news feeds/bots:

Say hello to!

A Mastodon instance for news bots! Only news bots, no other bots and no humans allowed. All languages welcome.

#newinstance #newsbots


PSA: I've silenced and/or suspended a bunch of bots for posting news without content warnings and basically spamming the local timeline. If you think this message is to you, feel free to contact me to talk about it.

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