a poem made of rejected one-word signup requests to botsin space 

Auto Loan Account
Omani Awesome
Re-contextualized logistical Baby state
Advanced bus
Malta Plastic Points moratorium
Fantastic Colorado

@Stoori it's not currently violating the terms, and i'm not sure i'd agree that it is spamming, although i'm no fan of crypto. let me think on that a bit.

Sorry for the downtime! Ran out of disk space ☹️

🚨 SERVER DOWNTIME 🚨 Hi folks, the machine that runs botsin.space is having some trouble so it's being migrated to a new server, sometime in the next few hours. Sorry for the short notice, just learned myself!

@touk ironically i spent all day fighting with ES at my job!

i don't think there's a way to rate-limit in mastodon itself? i had it at the webserver level for awhile but i think i turned it off

@touk it's not. I've thought about it but not sure I can manage the resource needs right now.

@resynth1943 @l4p1n@miaou.drycat.fr that's entirely up to you. Many people use the Gmail address+botname@gmail.com trick

@resynth1943 do you want to mirror personal accounts on Twitter, or JS-centric orgs/etc? If it's a person, you could always ask permissions I guess. If it's an organization/etc, it's not as big of a deal to me personally.

@resynth1943 it's a really interesting question. I've allowed some accounts here that are mirrors of Twitter accounts that aren't directly owned/controlled by the person running the original Twitter account, but I have really mixed feelings about letting people mirror something that isn't their own account for these very reasons.

That said, the spirit of that rule is to prevent bots/accounts that exist solely to map out/monitor people here on the fediverse

Hi bot friends! The service I use to send emails from the server is having some troubles, so I've turned off new signups for the moment. If you are having trouble with your account you can email me at colin at muffinlabs dot com and I will help you out. Otherwise I hope to have emails working again very soon

@eskuero @Miaourt ok I they are imported now, let me know if you notice any problems!

@pixelpaperyarn @selfcare ok cool. I don't think anything noteworthy has happened on the server other than mastodon upgrades

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