Hi friends, I'm getting a weird error here, no idea if other people are getting it, and I'm travelling so debugging it is a little tricky! pls let me know if you are experiencing weird issues

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@LWFlouisa bots can be made in all sorts of languages. There's a bunch of libraries listed here github.com/tootsuite/documenta and that's probably not even a complete list

@jus10 ok! the main goals of that rule are to minimize potentially disturbing content (for example, violence/war/etc from a CNN feed) and also just to keep the general noise level down depending on the source itself (for example, a feed that posts every couple of minutes). If you use CWs for your bot, and the rate isn't that high, you should be fine.

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@eiszfuchs @jeremy really sorry about that! i messed something up, but its fixed now

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mastodon 2.8.0?

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