@serindelaunay huh, that's strange. it's probably an instance issue since i'm running a forked codebase, i bet i messed something up. i'll take a look, sorry about that!

botsin.space admin PSA 

hello to everyone signing up here to check out @SecretlyPublicDomain! if you like bots and/or art things, please say hello to the other bots here too

botsin.space PSA 

Hi folks, blocking freefedifollowers.ga because it's the spammiest spammer that ever did spam

Bot idea 



botsin.space signup PSA 

@artlogic sorry! i try to be quick about it but i fell behind today. should be approved now

@efi so sorry for the delay, i've taken care of the backlog now

PSA: I'm planning on running some updates to botsin.space tomorrow morning (ie ~24 hours from now)

botsin.space signup PSA 

@commandlinekid there was an RT account here but we shut it down due to multiple complaints and for being uncurated news. I can't imagine being ok with a JBS account here

Hi friends, I'm getting a weird error here, no idea if other people are getting it, and I'm travelling so debugging it is a little tricky! pls let me know if you are experiencing weird issues

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