@pony yeah sorry about that, the server has been running behind all day, i'm working on taking carte of that

OK, now I think we're really back. Not my finest hour, sorry for the downtime!

Hi friends! Well, this upgrade went..... poorly. I think botsin.space is back now, but I might need to hack at a few things before I'm done.

PSA: Planning on running server upgrades this coming Wednesday!

Hey bot friends, just wanted to give a heads up that I am travelling for the next few days, so there might be some delays in any moderation/signup requests.

botsin.space signup PSA 

botsin.space signup PSA 

@serindelaunay huh, that's strange. it's probably an instance issue since i'm running a forked codebase, i bet i messed something up. i'll take a look, sorry about that!

botsin.space admin PSA 

hello to everyone signing up here to check out @SecretlyPublicDomain! if you like bots and/or art things, please say hello to the other bots here too

botsin.space PSA 

Hi folks, blocking freefedifollowers.ga because it's the spammiest spammer that ever did spam

Bot idea 



botsin.space signup PSA 

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