@Christian hi, generally not, it might be in your spam folder or it's possible it was rejected or something. if you DM me your email I can check what happened

🚨 Hey bot friends, I'll be taking botsin.space down in about 24 hours to do some upgrades 🚨

@showlegend I guess it depends on the specifics but it sounds more like a news it to me

@botvolution yeah i wouldn't be surprised if the server is having transcoding issues. if it's helpful, i think these are the settings being used for video: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@botvolution Hi, it's working for me, even on a much larger mp4. Would you mind trying again and see if it works now? If not, I might ask you to send the file to me somehow so I can test it. Thanks!

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@vsevoland @artworkkun it seems like that might be a lot of data. i'm pretty sure deleting a toot would also delete any attached media. another option might just be to drop the quality level a bit on images before posting them?

@muffinista @darius @janellecshane @ranjit hey, it took me *forever* to get to this, and then to get it working, but botsin.space should have this wildcard domain setup in place now

@metalbob i suppose it's possible although hopefully it never becomes actual law

Lovers of news! I just boosted this, but just to reiterate: there's a new instance devoted to news feeds/bots: newsbots.eu/

Say hello to NewsBots.eu!

A Mastodon instance for news bots! Only news bots, no other bots and no humans allowed. All languages welcome.


#newinstance #newsbots

@Tyrent @muffinista sadly not right now although I've been thinking about setting it up

@zaccolley@mastodon.social of course, although do you have any particular reason i should do that? i don't get a lot of moderation requests/reports right now

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