@sneak there's no btc address or anything like that, but also no serious need to support the instance, we're doing fine

@esmail not really sure what you're asking but i think the answer is no admin 

so, we're back! i'm very sorry for the extended downtime. i tried to avoid it, but at a certain point it was inevitable. moving forward i'm going work on doing more testing and preparation for migrations to at least have a better idea when something like this is going to happen.

Why is there a cohort chart for user retention. Why.

(John Williams music swells) Welcome..... to botsin space

@obdormio @agafnd ok, i'm going to take the instance down again and try to solve this

@samplereality I think that's right? If that's not working for you I can dig around tomorrow

now, time to check 50 million statuses for duplicates

Hi friends, I was able to mostly successfully update the database server, but when I updated mastodon there were a bunch of errors. So, we're still on an older version of mastodon, but I hope to resolve that in the next day or two.

Also, I think it's possible some accounts are going to need to reset their password and/or access tokens. I'm not sure why this happened! I'm still trying to figure that out too. maintenance 

Hi friends, the server will go down for maintenance sometime around 9am on Wednesday. I expect to be down for a few hours.

phew, i think i figured out how to successfully upgrade the db server, so will probably update next week sometime, details to follow

@loveisgrief i guess it depends? i'd really like to keep them to a minimum, but if you have a source that doesn't post frequently, and the statuses are set to unlisted, that's probably fine

@multiverse everything seems ok? But I can dig into the logs a bit today admin PSA 

well, a bunch of updates failed, so i will do some testing on that and see about scheduling this again soon

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hi friends, i'm planning on running a bunch of server updates this Monday. that will include updating to the newest version of mastodon, as well as some other server and database updates. there will likely be a few hours of downtime

@bortzmeyer not going back on it, sorry

Actually, that's not true, I need to fix some permissions issues, doing that now.....

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