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Hello all, I've made a choice to explicitly ban three types of content from the server:

1) police organizations
2) military organizations
3) cryptocurrency/blockchain content

Police orgs have actually been banned for a long while. I've added military orgs to the list because I think that's logcally consistent. I've added crypto to the list because the blockchain is an ecological and moral catastrophe. admin PSA 

@muffinista this whips, thank you for your service

@muffinista can we keep the one bot that broke somehow and keeps posting a 404 link to an article supposedly titled "blockchain without the crypto" admin PSA 


*looks at MilitaryPoliceCoin bot repo*


*closes browser tab* admin PSA 

@muffinista I would hope you make an exception for the Ethereum community, since they are actively trying to move away from the PoW method that causes the environmental impact admin PSA 

@gappleto97 I won't, since I doubt they will succeed with that, and that only covers a small subset environmental issues concerned and none of the many other ethical issues, but when I'm proven wrong we can have that conversation admin PSA 

@muffinista Fair enough. I disagree, but I get where you're coming from

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