Follow signup PSA 

OK, I've switched to require approval for new signups. Sorry for any inconvenience! I got tired of deleting right-wing spam accounts.

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@muffinista Thank you for putting in the work to keep it open despite the trouble <3 signup PSA 

@muffinista That's quite all right. I'd rather have to explain myself to you than some tech stack's underpaid independent contractors. signup PSA 

@muffinista that's okay - as someone who had to do the shuffle this afternoon, I was pleased and impressed by how quickly you processed it. signup PSA 

@muffinista Why do you not create a bot to do the hard antispam stuff for you? signup PSA 

@messageofday i could and i might but it's basically an unwinnable arms race signup PSA 

@muffinista thank you for not allowing them. I'm new still getting the hang of this. Are there any resources for new people?

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