PSA:, spam 

Hi all, I've added some code to to help fight spam. the changes are:

1) prevent account signups from datacenters

2) prevent unsolicited statuses (in most cases) to users you don't follow

#1 is going to block many spam accounts, but is also probably going to be an issue for Tor users who want to create an account here. Sorry about that.

#2 should block a bunch of spam, and ideally you shouldn't be sending unsolicited messages anyway.


PSA:, spam 

for context, there have been around 250 accounts that signed up in the last month which i've suspended for spam. Something like 175 of those were in the last week. They've sent thousands of spam statuses out. I've slowly ramped up tools to prevent that until this point.

re: datacenters, i pulled a set of 40 unique ip address of spammers. i can identify 35 of them as being in a datacenter. blocking those is an easy choice at that point.

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PSA:, spam 

i strongly suspect i'm fighting a losing battle here, the only question is who runs out of energy first, me or whoever is running this spam farm

PSA:, spam 

also, new account signups are still turned off for a little while, i'll reactivate those tonight or tomorrow

PSA:, spam 

@muffinista just datacenter *signups* i hope

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