Herbie Fully Loaded (2005): The film ends with Ray speaking with Herbie and Sally's New Beetle (which is revealed to have a mind of its own as well), telling them not to stay out too long on their date as Herbie has another race coming up.

Starman (1984): Jenny watches as the ship departs.

Black Hawk Down (2001): The following day, General Garrison retired.

Howard the Duck (1986): Howard then becomes Beverly's manager, hires Phil as an employee on her tour, and performs with Beverly on stage.

The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976): I guess we all died a little in that damned war", before riding off.

Mystic Pizza (1988): The film ends with the three girls together overlooking the water from the balcony of the restaurant, reminiscing about their time together.

Trading Places (1983): The now wealthy Valentine, Winthorpe, Ophelia, and Coleman vacation on a tropical beach, while Beeks and the gorilla are loaded onto a ship bound for Africa.

Ugly, Dirty and Bad (1976): The film ends with Giacinto living in a newly built exceedingly crowded shack with both his mistress and his wife, together with an apparently reconciled family and the newcomers as well.

Two-Lane Blacktop (1971): The film ends abruptly.

Frankenweenie (2012): Persephone runs to Sparky and they kiss.

Transformers (2007): A brief mid-credits scene shows Starscream escaping into space.

Strictly Ballroom (1992): As the performance finishes, Scott and Fran kiss, the competition forgotten.

Stand by Me (1986): He then takes a moment to ponder that, then goes outside to play with his son and his son's friend.

Ringu (1998): The film ends as she drives into the distance, and some schoolgirls she interviewed earlier in the film talk about the rule to escape the tape's curse.

Carne (1991): He meets his daughter in the mental hospital, and leaves, frustrated with his life and how it has turned out.

Dark Star (1974): As the film comes to an end, realizing he will burn up upon entering its atmosphere, he drifts into debris from the Dark Star, finds a surfboard-shaped hunk of debris, and "surfs" down into the atmosphere, dying as a falling star.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017): Assuming it to be a nightmare, Will goes back to sleep, oblivious to the wet barnacles on the floor.

The Departed (2006): As Dignam leaves, a rat races across the balcony.

Placido (1961): Berlanga also pokes fun at actors more concerned about photo ops appearing to show them as charitable than actually being charitable.

Rio (2011): Marcel and his band of smugglers are arrested by the police and sent to jail.

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