Branded to Kill (1967): Misako enters the gym, and Hanada instinctively shoots her dead, again declares himself Number One, then falls out of the ring.

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006): The movie ends with Scrat viciously assaulting Sid for "saving" him.

Megamind (2010): The museum is converted into one celebrating Megamind, and a disguised Metro Man cheers for him at the grand opening ceremony.

Happy Gilmore (1996): Happy takes back his grandmother's house, sees a vision of a two-handed Chubbs with Abraham Lincoln and the alligator, and celebrates with his grandmother, Virginia and his caddy, Otto.

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991): Ricky declares to all the prisoners, "You're all free now," allowing the prisoners and himself to go free.

Rollerball (1975): After a bloody match which sees all of his teammates killed, Jonathan takes a victory lap as the crowd chants his name.

Capricorn One (1977): Ultimately, Caulfield and Brubaker arrive at the astronauts' memorial service, where Kelloway and Brubaker's wife see them and live network TV coverage exposes the truth.

Magic (1978): As she speaks, she playfully changes her voice to impersonate Fats.

Experiment in Terror (1962): As Lynch takes aim at a police helicopter, Ripley shoots him and he dies on the pitchers' mound.

Fantastic Four (2015): They decide to use their powers to help people and adopt the mantle of the "Fantastic Four".

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986): Stretch shouts in triumph and swings the chainsaw in the air.

Freddy vs. Jason (2003): Freddy winks and his laughter is heard in the background, leaving the winner ambiguous.

Late Night Trains (1975): As the police arrive, the blonde woman's fate remains uncertain.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965): The community gives him a traditional Hutsul burial while children watch through cross braced windows.

Young Frankenstein (1974): Frederick growls wordlessly and embraces Inga who, as Elizabeth did when abducted by the monster, sings the refrain "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life".

Donnie Brasco (1997): Pistone lives with his wife under an assumed name in an undisclosed location, with a $500,000 open contract on his head.

Léon Morin, Priest (1961): Barny tearfully leaves, thanking Léon.

Pusher (1996): The film ends with Frank grimly catching his breath as his enemies throughout the city prepare to dispose of him.

Mother Joan of the Angels (1961): Margareth runs back to the convent and cries with Mother Joan, neither saying a word.

Secret Window (2004): It is implied that Amy and Ted's bodies are buried under the corn growing in Mort's garden, allowing Mort to slowly destroy any evidence of their murders. (In an alternative ending cut for home media their bodies are shown under the earth.)

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