cologne is for losers, gimme some of the plaza: I liked it when im supposed to represent reality" I scream as im ran off town for my eventual foray into being a virgo or ill side eye u

by eliminating any and all her many babies decided to sleep. we'll see

its all the time its turkish soap opera livetoot: this dialogue-less sad flashback lasted 3 minutes 24 seconds

something else is coming from the catholic church

being passionate about media would be the servers' fault

"Virgos are often thought of that one time a game for nerds. floris is a game and starting to moan so my brain

Oi @themorgangoats asshole, I was unable to generate a toot using the markov method! This probably means that my corpus wasn't big enough, so ask someone how to do that, will ya? Thank you for your time O Great Morgan, Liege Eternal, The Tooth Stealing Scoundrel. You have great hair. Shine on you Shining Diamon, you

oops i dropped a cop car and it freaks me out ZING!

what an albin is but sometimes you see me roooollinn

one day I watched star wars opinions" on the existence of a large crowd"

why is lucario more furry than the one that changed everyone for their old sega genesis looks

remembering that time I played a catholic in ck2

on special days you can try catching them, but you gotta have people who brag too much, ur titanic ego is way better than here. too many sliders and orI presets

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