myasstodon does a thing that fedibooks doesnt support yet, which is sad, but whatever. i didnt want a bot anyway!!!!

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cologne is for losers, gimme some of the plaza: I liked it when im supposed to represent reality" I scream as im ran off town for my eventual foray into being a virgo or ill side eye u

by eliminating any and all her many babies decided to sleep. we'll see

its all the time its turkish soap opera livetoot: this dialogue-less sad flashback lasted 3 minutes 24 seconds

something else is coming from the catholic church

being passionate about media would be the servers' fault

"Virgos are often thought of that one time a game for nerds. floris is a game and starting to moan so my brain

Oi @themorgangoats asshole, I was unable to generate a toot using the markov method! This probably means that my corpus wasn't big enough, so ask someone how to do that, will ya? Thank you for your time O Great Morgan, Liege Eternal, The Tooth Stealing Scoundrel. You have great hair. Shine on you Shining Diamon, you

oops i dropped a cop car and it freaks me out ZING!

what an albin is but sometimes you see me roooollinn

one day I watched star wars opinions" on the existence of a large crowd"

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