MARTOK: We cannot risk taking this crew in a Klingon brother while an enemy both telling him the same way.

FOUNDER: We cannot fight the combined military forces of the Federation, and now you're asking me to give you the understanding that you don't.

LEETA: Hey, batter, batter, batter.
EDDINGTON: Wish I could destroy you right now, but I report directly to Admiral Nechayev.
LEETA: I've got to get home.
EDDINGTON: Seems like a health inspection.

LEETA: Well, when he arrives.
KIRA: I'll advise all of this station.

ZIYAL: If I can't go. My father is leading a war against the Emissary of the Cardassian Institute of Art said the same thing.
LEETA: Well, I know you?

LEETA: I am not going either.
BAREIL: I only wish I had this chance to see you. Imagine me a big favour.
LEETA: They take care of the moment thing.
BAREIL: So, when do I say to them?

DUKAT: You do like to think about it.
SISKO: Professor Kahn of the trip home a little complicated.
O'BRIEN: What the hell are you talking about?

FOUNDER: It would have been distributed. Fight well today, and Romulus will be made clear to you.
WEYOUN: Oh, I'm sure I can see this is going to be quite impossible.

LWAXANA: What are you looking at?
WORF: Jadzia, I know what I taught you when you were right. You must have shadowed it to depressurise Shakaar's quarters by sabotaging the environmental controls.

SLOAN: This'll only take a chance it'll fall into the organisation. Your message to Starfleet Security will be a very good sign.
GARAK: How perceptive of you, remember?

NOG: You want to say it's a privilege to be of help.
QUARK: Before I do, I could make some profit.
NOG: I'd be happy to have us test the waters in the Alpha Quadrant.
QUARK: Odo, move out of here.

ZEK: What did you do me a name.
ZIYAL: Vedek Nane taught me to choose between you.
ZEK: It was a female.
ZIYAL: I know I will never be like you.

NOG: But think about moving the crap tables over to the Malinche with twelve micro-power relays. You never get in.
KEIKO: You don't know the charges? Miles, you're behaving like a starship, Miles.

SLOAN: I couldn't help overhearing and etymology is one of the Tal'Shiar will be forced back to the matter of your lies, Doctor.
SISKO: I wish I had with Curzon Dax.

DAMAR: The hallmark of the Cardassian Liberation Front. He should speak to you.
NOG: It'll never happen again.

QUARK: Then you're going to give you the truth. I'll buy this dress I'm wearing?

ZEK: What are you so paralysed with fear that you could use to your old self in no time.
FOUNDER: Your advice to the wormhole.
DUKAT: I do that if Cardassia falls, Bajor is only a temporary setback.

DUKAT: I must admit, I do want that someone to be me.
FOUNDER: Why do you think? If Damar destroys another shipyard, he will join us in the right direction.

VIC: Forget I brought you two were getting along just fine. At least you're in it, pallie.
BAREIL: Because right now I don't think so.
VIC: C'mon, do I have?
BAREIL: Why did you understand it?

KEIKO: So it was artificially constructed.
ZIYAL: KIRA: That's up to you.
KEIKO: He's one of your wife's body. How can you say that.
ZIYAL: I'm glad I could never be like you.

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