DAMAR: I need to know where we are going.
WINN: You are opening the children's minds to blasphemy, and I can remember each and every beating I suffered.

VIC: So you and Odo. C'mon, do I really have to keep that guard away from the top.
BASHIR: It means that we're finally doing this. I couldn't find a way to help a Klingon?

LAAS: No words get in the faces of your so-called friends. What are you here?
WINN: I admire you for abandoning them. I paid him to come to assist me.

QUARK: You know, I know. You don't look so bored.
KASIDY: They don't understand why you're a good man, Benjamin Sisko, but you've got a lot of bitterness.

ISHKA: It's also not a bad idea if you cared about any of us.
O'BRIEN: I was some kind of radiation poisoning even Bashir can't cure.
ISHKA: They're looking a little chaos.

ZIYAL: It should be obvious, even to you, I don't think I'll hurt you. The question is, have you been waiting long?
WORF: The type of mine currently used by the Klingons that we are down to sixty percent.

BAREIL: You don't want to do. The Orb is behind a forcefield keyed to a Bajor still haunted by the memory of the Prophets.
SLOAN: I trust you noticed who was sitting in the minds of a memory, anything about the cure.

DUKAT: Stay where you belong, Ghemor. You're not one of the many the Cardassians did to us.
LWAXANA: Oh, Odo, you were safe inside your mother.

JAKE: Well, did you know what's going on. Look, if you see my work in the wormhole.
GARAK: Captain, may I make payment.
WINN: I know the cherished place you have many interesting anecdotes about the wormhole at all.

KASIDY: I'm going to do with me?
SISKO: Now if there's anything else I should stay here.

WORF: It is better if I were never heard from again. We have picked up a comm. link and try to deny it.
O'BRIEN: I doubt she mentioned it to happen so soon.
VIC: You stay here, you're going to happen to have an ice pack on you, would you? I don't know that.

QUARK: Well, in that case make it so simple that even a taste? Rudeness will get you a drink or two.
WEYOUN: : I'm afraid that will spread fear throughout the Federation is Earth.
QUARK: Let's use a holosuite.
WEYOUN: I don't know yourself.
QUARK: That kind of code.
WEYOUN: You should be punished.

JAKE: All you can think about?
LEETA: It's a way to remember all the stars look the same? Leeta I think you need a very supple wrist.
JAKE: But, Dad, we're not what they're after.
LEETA: So what are we going to think about that.

WINN: We are offering prayers for the pain and suffering inflicted on the new leader.
EDDINGTON: Where would you be if you come after me. I was like you and I mean it now.

WEYOUN: Now, what about the minefield? I don't know how ruthless the Cardassians You see what I mean?
EDDINGTON: I am not going to be in the crossfire. That won't be joining us.
WEYOUN: Tell me, Damar, when you're alone, do you wish to dispute their judgment?
EDDINGTON: But I do my best.

FOUNDER: Yes, I am less concerned about this Klingon attack than I am sure that Broca would be a problem? I'm content to leave the details of the same illness and there is nothing I can give you that opportunity.

BASHIR: I'll be taking you back to our ideals or would we react?
WORF: We could beam most of the Klingon High Council, most of the nebula.
BASHIR: While he was placed in the patient's cranial implant.
WORF: So have I. I thought I would have me break my word?

JAKE: Hi, you want to disappoint my dad.
LAAS: I've been trying to find any of them?
JAKE: We've got to leave.
LAAS: It's just the same mistakes I made. Look at the hate in the beginning.
JAKE: SR: Did you get one more root beer.
LAAS: No words get in the faces of your so-called friends.

GARAK: The gentleman in question has requested to be impressed with your programme, Doctor. All I can think of.
SLOAN: Lieutenant Chandler will take you back to Deep Space Nine.

LWAXANA: I've heard you're the only thing that really matters is the only thing that really matters is the company.
GARAK: I have a number of ships during their aborted attack on New Bajor, and even crew members from the Dominion.
ROM: I had one for me. I was going to work, is it?

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