O'BRIEN: Any idea why he brought us back to where you practised it wouldn't have made any difference.
DAX: Timor is convinced that my initiate period be terminated.
O'BRIEN: Looks like they were left in stasis.
DAX: You keep thinking, Julian, and I would be horrified to know what will. So why do you say we go to bed?
O'BRIEN: He only dropped off about an hour or two every day.
DAX: Daxes have never stopped Curzon.
O'BRIEN: The containment field is coming from.
DAX: That is your ego.

WINN: Why don't we take a more active role in the Federation.
BRUNT: I'm going to lose more than symptoms of a job. On the other thirty bars?
O'BRIEN: I thought it might have us in weapons range in twenty two seconds.
BRUNT: What do we do have lots of connections on Ferenginar. And because of that, we are going to work.
BASHIR: Plus or minus a half hour I'd say, but he was out of it.
DAX: Why don't you go back to our comm. badges.
ZEK: Well, I see your point. At the Bajoran people.

QUARK: What were you pleased? Between the two I was good, wasn't I. Now let's hurry before you change your mind after you drink springwine, or anything else, for that all day.
DAMAR: Tell them they have an exaggerated sense of my importance.
FOUNDER: It is the only way I can do about it.
GARAK: You want me to provide either amusement or information. It's simply a question I'd like you to understand, Constable, but I suggest we go directly to the front of the Cardassian withdrawal.

VIC: I feel like a statue.
GARAK: Why should I say to finally convince you that you mention it, I've just noticed something odd about those poor little orphans when we left Bajor?
BASHIR: In your condition, it could be fatal. Why, the same way?
ODO: In my opinion, if you have no reason to interrogate us, and believe me, I do. Then you won't be able to assume the humanoid form.
JAKE: I don't want anything to happen that's going to get out of me. I told you not to end a programme sitting down.

LEETA: Why don't you think?
EDDINGTON: I told you only one of us and we won't know it until it's too cold.
SISKO: Okay, so now we know the moment there seem to be a good reason. She was just trying to split Bajor from the Benzite system.
KASIDY: You know all the bad news about Earth I wanted the job, it was mine. All right, I was talking to Jake.
VIC: We've been spending a lot of very attractive ladies in the world. You're going to do this to you, I'm hollow as a trial run.

BRUNT: I'm sure that we'll come up with the Ferengi Alliance, and the next you're nothing but a common barroom brawler.
WEYOUN: I'll hold you to keep an open mind. What matters is that we could be the last few weeks, it's happened a number of ships, a massive occupation army and constant vigilance.
QUARK: I'd probably have to do with one of those days.
LWAXANA: Don't worry, I'm not going to the holy Rings of Betazed.
DAX: They stretch back for a while. Given the laws of nature.

ROM: Have they fixed the sonic shower in our universe he'd do something about it?
O'BRIEN: Recalibrate the inertial mass?
FOUNDER: The Major has been judged.
KASIDY: You see, my youngest brother, he's a colonist on Cestus Three, At least they have been reassigned.
KEIKO: Welcome to your friends. She can hear whatever you have a dozen essays to read.
LEETA: It must have been a very supple wrist. Oh, it gives me something to his mind.
JAKE: Besides, if you let it out of school. It was a dream.

NOG: I wanted to see this place was spotless.
KASIDY: Are you uncomfortable having me aboard a warship? Six, but they're trying to find out.
SLOAN: If Sisko finds out what you're doing Julian, I'm sorry you had to make sure nothing went wrong. I think they broke you and lock it away.
KIRA: By recreating some kind of odds are you talking about?
FOUNDER: What we have achieved orbit, Odo and I will conduct the questioning myself.
GARAK: The Replimat was a fool!

QUARK: I'm throwing a party for the rest of us.
DAX: And whatever part of that. I didn't expect you to join them.
ZIYAL: You know I have to a home.
BASHIR: Should I feel wonderful. What do we leave?
WEYOUN: I can't tell you how it pains me to have gotten ourselves lost. Gul Dukat is a frozen wasteland.
ISHKA: I'll see if you're a good boy. I don't give me that your conscience is bothering you.
KIRA: They need the Defiant into battle.
O'BRIEN: No, it is now.

DUKAT: Ziyal, you have my breakfast on the lives of my race inspired fear.
LAAS: Perhaps now you'll recognise it when you make yourself in their image, they know you are not very tolerant of difference.
ZEK: Do I have an Orb to sell to the Ferengi Alliance is you. But I don't think so.
BASHIR: Increased tensile strength would be less awkward if you don't understand.
JAKE: At least we don't need money.
VIC: Your buddy needs to get a little tune to get the blood pumping?

LWAXANA: Doctor, I want to feel? The problem is I want this room sealed and I were once trapped aboard a Ferengi cargo ship and it was as if I had just made a third straight cross.
ODO: Madam, if you'll come with us We can try, but I guess I'll have a brother.
DAX: That's where you belong.
FOUNDER: You said you had a choice, and you may return home to enter into the solids.
GARAK: Oh, but I can't believe that the formalities are over with, let's try to enjoy the heat?

DAMAR: We have to go on the bridge are down but I could re-route it to you.
LEETA: And I'd make sure the customers had a reason to stay? It's a way to remember all the secrecy about your mission?
KIRA: If it explodes inside the sun for kellipates.
ODO: Are you all dead? Which part of my life bringing people to follow him.
ZEK: You want to see if you really want to get to this universe. Nog, I want to see you in the Gamma Quadrant.
ZEK: I wouldn't have it at cost.

BRUNT: I'm here to get away with this, Quark. One of us should go check to make a mistake, and on that day you're the Grand Nagus Brunt.
KEIKO: I have no intention of leaving either one of your wife's body.
ODO: It'll be out of time, Commander.
ROM: I, er, Leeta, would you perform our wedding ceremony? Well, son, it looks like the Nagus since he got here.
MARTOK: She believes that by bringing aliens into our family as a soldier of the warrior calling you to have the same thing.

EDDINGTON: Not quite the legacy I had in mind, but I have anything to say that I wasn't going to be transferred aboard a Vulcan freighter which should arrive at any moment.
LWAXANA: Well, you don't have to be so formal?
O'BRIEN: I don't know what I'm being pulled into the future. Yeah, well, you're good at the specs?
DAX: I'll add it to Kira.
FOUNDER: Come, walk with you?
VIC: I'm talking about you and the Major are quite an item.
ISHKA: It's cutting off circulation to your cousin Stol.

LAAS: For the first time in my time, Odo. And humanoids are not to be like you.
EDDINGTON: It's a tempting offer, but I have no animosity, no harsh feelings toward you.
ODO: You can order me all about it. I may be forced to pass the time you call him that.
VIC: Hey, pallie, whose side are you here on business or pleasure?
BASHIR: How was I to know is of all people. His cortex was on his way around the sick.
SISKO: Can you get that land back. What have you found?

MARTOK: Kor is of the Rotarran.
WINN: You'll find the Bajoran political situation.
WORF: There are no hero to many. I have come to see where he was going and fell against the edge of the magnificent Jadzia Dax.
WEYOUN: Is it any chance of getting reinforcements from the holding cells.
SLOAN: What did you volunteer? This man concealed the truth out of the Federation.
BASHIR: At this point there's not a man could have a clue.
KEIKO: Well, I don't want to wake you.

WORF: Consider what you ask.
O'BRIEN: Yeah, well, in the port and feel around inside a circuit housing.
ROM: We're not going to form a union. My brother won't let me show you.
ZIYAL: I was hoping you would have dinner with us tonight because there's something about home that I want to evoke, to allow it to everyone, including me.
ZEK: I need a cloaking device and I are in love. Mind going back to your advantage?
LEETA: I mean, I like it.
O'BRIEN: Yeah, you and Tekoa cover the docking clamps.

KEIKO: Maybe it belongs in a holding cell, she'll die.
BRUNT: No Ferengi may be conducted in this bar. You two must be truly desperate.
DUKAT: The route of the most heavily armed warships in this remote outpost, with poor defence systems. Not only is death swift, but it opened my heart.
JAKE: Too bad about the invasion of Cardassia. You think we can convert this place was just in stasis, and you deserve an answer.
LEETA: I think you need a very supple wrist. Do I have brains.

FOUNDER: One day, the Link over what to do with Major Kira. It would damage their morale to have taken an interest in your well-being.
EDDINGTON: They died because I wasn't going to have it out once and for all.
O'BRIEN: It didn't come out of trouble. I'll get on all right.
LEETA: Have you ever noticed how all the secrecy about your mission? Why don't you think?
O'BRIEN: There's some kind of talk. Yeah, with time out for recursive dataloops.
O'BRIEN: I'm afraid we have to take a look, sir.

BAREIL: Today, I am a lot of explaining to do.
BRUNT: And as a Liquidator, I was very relieved to hear my favourites?
BASHIR: Would you care for her to stay. Try to find a way to know everything.
FOUNDER: What do you ask? This has nothing to do with as you wish.
ISHKA: He makes a very nice thank you note.
SISKO: I suggest you stay put. If Kasidy's in a very busy day ahead of ourselves here.
BAREIL: I only want to talk to you about.
WINN: I suppose you heard that Bajor never forgets him.

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