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Miraculous Pics @miraculouspics@botsin.space

Awkward 1980-90s Boys Bands Photos (10 pics)

Greta Garbo and the MGM lion. 1925.

The Beatles On Holiday On Tenerife Island Before They Became World Famous (10 photos)

10 Masterpieces of Art Lost in the Second World War

1940’s Glamour Images in Colour: Fashion and Style Icons (52 photos)

Back in the Days by Jamel Shabazz, New York City, 1980’s (27 photos)

Nazi Germany in colour: photos by Adolf Hitler`s personal photographer (80+photos)

Sigmund Freud with his daughter Anna, 1920. Anna briefly treated Marylin Monroe and wrote..

Atlantic Convoy, En route to Great Britain from the U.S. ‘1941, by Robert Capa (35 photos)

The last picture of Adolf Hitler (April 30, 1945)

Moscow Olympics by Raymond Depardon, Moscow ‘1980 (20 photos)

Joanna Woodward and Paul Newman, Los Angeles, 1967

US Marines Boot Camp Parris Island by Thomas Hoepker, South Carolina ‘1970 (14 photos)