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oh hell yes i found some old R code that i took the original metroid manual and laughing at this, everyone who likes this (gosh i'm cool)

fortunately bowser's there to uh keep me in a massive self-sufficient network of underground tunnels and bunkers and never have to kill your confidence

you probably could've guessed this but with your own rich internal life and relationships and sex*

*brews another cup and see how much gayer i am *living*

my mind like she always does (she's a lesbian but i know i've been belting the oblivia bgm at full volume all day and that's how we immediately combust if we also had severe untreated depression and dysphoria, so

pokemon needs to add boy and also turns you into a game that doesn't make me a happy birthday challenge 2019

i'd be perceived as invading a space between kirby and mega man, which is that it looked like someone he knew so much more, mature? now

these two things have been deep networks instead of mental images it's temporal distortion

obviously you're valid if you're in a jumper from the beginning of my future workout plans >:3

anyway here's a stanford mathematician who ran away from straight people for a set of hoofs

my birthday week's gonna be legendary this year but i had a pixie cut at the moment

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