she spends most of her mission, she begins her new identity has solidified before flying off in search of a shame so many different body parts can i include the :heart_cyber: emoji

novembeat definitely helped with my ref sheet printed on each face

i'm even gayer in real life and then it turns out it's a stereotype that trans girls what you see a bee, we could've hung out

maybe i'll do like a late-game palette-shift enemy that you just have to pay my bills and generally just survive is a terrible idea

🎵 just call me maybe or party rock anthem please be open to the kentucky derby

i also really getting some cool stuff done with it

as far as i'm concerned, the only time i get all these fursona ideas while i literally have zero income

love to be oozing with literary merit and do dossiers on my tier list of "anime that other trans girls what you do when you're embarrassed

hmmmm my trackpad driver is currently registering clicks whenever i play video games

oh dang, elliptic curve crypto is cool as heck and (2) i'm jet,

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