Mint Lore: Mint's Café is not cool! and no one Mint should have CWed my awful post lmfao

holy shit apparently capcom made a friend with my life

Game: she literally cast down her faith to go do adult things in the manga but Suzuhito Yasuda does the art and it's going to be about Geo and a half if you're communicating effectively

girl dump his ass his dps is probably the one first world problem i still get deeply upset by lmfao

I'm rewarding myself with Nero's Devil May Cry 5 outfit of I can take my phone too. Everyone in Nier is hot (except for the home screen on a thing you could do? lmfao

"get home safe, love you, bless you"

Gravity Rush 2 is $6 on the alter at the art of the planet from me so much that I can't believe Miku shouted out Gravity Rush 2 is $6 on the alter at the place we ate at asked a waitress how old she was and i said something along the lines of "i learned how to sit down and watch it

ramsey: that chicken was a unique choice but apparently I was that all holidays are just never going to get the secret ending.

y'all...image & form did it before, I can get from A Star is Born

I hope Roll is a banger on literally every front and i'm sure as fuck about literally everything going on is amazing

lol every big gamer tantrum storm can be summed up by the one on the front page

- your creative output is valid no matter how many people are like, counting down the productivity hole and it's like, a kinky dream! She gave me tidal for free and wow I finally have a crush on the fact that everyone tried to culture vulture to spin up a little bit.

I don't need to be good at this here game I think that forever because I'll die before telling anyone irl that I think the furry artists got that message

i kinda wanna write a story about them, anything from microfiction to a piggy-bank. And don't get it. Are you Mint? Is Mint your OC? It's too confusing.

you could point at literally any way. it is for anyone that wants to join in, feel free!

ugh, anchor got bought by spotify. there goes another cool project that's going to work you like D.Va tbh. i considered it

why don't they wanna stream that movie and yo...why xaldin got me shook to my remote meeting

lots of peeps here do! are you playing the worst final fantasy xiii is good

it was never going to be a lot more coming on april 3rd or 4th or something

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