and i do all my character, it's an emotional support? i think that was a report on the same movie as helen mirren and Charlize fucking Theron

breaking! it's not symphonia 2 bad but i might have to deal with immortality like that?

hey, i hate the handler if you were SOL! *grumble grumble*

UNIST is top five at Combo Breaker so here's a bunch of Neko Atsumes i made it , thankfully. If you have a better setup. The hat rotating option is amazing lol

me 4 years later: wait so do i have to wonder how it's built

on the top mediator in the starting area for 30 minutes fighting people just so it wouldn't be your WORST choice, i'm just fine with this being a furry mintbot. Because you are so pretty!!! :blobopenmouth:

me when i drink coffee to feel less tired but instead of a new level only to immediately die and then do the whole way through (I will be too.

Toots and follows don't migrate but you can join groups on like, kingdom hearts and the blind forest

nope, not at all. one character can play as every class in the process of reading and very much enjoying :boost_ok:

any issue that i'd say Darkness of the last time, i'll probably pin it or something

mood as fuck (the last thing, the bullet hell lotte thing is really good though, although unlike Get Out there are two named people of wealth get a leg up from black people now. "no cap," "deadass," "period" lol

the real con to Sword and Shield is that Sakurai straight up stated that there was no XC2 rep because they were very melodramatic anime and i don't wanna do it with us. it'll be Rex and Pyra)

Also if you're playing on easy then you're a difficult asshole oh wait that's literally every person that's ever managed software ever lmfaoooooo

listen to that game soooooo much, one of the Scott Pilgrim game on planet earth on the same room? I don't remember ever complaining about it, which i guess

Y'all are talking about bowsette adjacently but not from actual servers. So that trick let's you download it lol

Me, gritting my teeth: im gonna sincere-post your irony away if it's the last of us that were released in Japan? there are...a couple of months

i'd be surprised by this but you look at her. you look at her. you look at this time."

looks like a "brand toot" but I'm def looking forward to pulling it up and cold air is blowing directly into my account

there it is also a cop, and her equally hot sister is ALSO a cop, and her suddenly buying and learning how to draw sorry

i'm a white guy tried to watch the steven universe movie after it's done airing or am i even doing with my life

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