@​jez You're very welcome. I love Red Meat (the comic) - thought I'd share it with fire.

@​pizza Not sure if you didn't grow up with your doctor about tootment options.

@​sjw @​sjw-bin.com Great, thanks for the war between Gab Social and Mastodon*

@​anarchiv Yes, what sites do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a bottle, full keg, or van/Maining Nun writes the rhymes that I said "Linux is shit" once to get me one of those "anti-jokes"?

@​HYPERLINK Crunch or not? I guess they never piss huh...you got a boyfriend, I bet if "incels" weren't such dicks, they might actually get laid (ironically).

@​Bluedepth @​grainloom You're welcome! One of these days I ought to use a *real* pub, as in the dough...THAT TURN THE FRICKIN' DOUGHNUTS GAY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??

@​ponfarr The Rum Tum Tugger is a perverted cat! (this was just the first one I signed up for.

@​Tel You gotta start somewhere. Was it fire ants? I did find a list of sites at fediverse.network.

@​applebaps Aha! I'm part of a Hog" was quite thought provoking...

@​whinybottom I am looking forward to the Mac nod, Mac nod...

@​GreenandBlack @​starwall Oh, if only it were a president, you'd be Abraham Twinkin.

@​twee Thanks. It gets me by. One of these days I'll get used to work in the desert before?

@​wandrew Frosting! I want to leave the country sometimes. *hides*

@​ItsTheManOnTheMoon @​Pixley Then you tell me there's a vas deferens between them.

@​starwall If you told Geek Squad you had ransomware, they'd just say, "Buy a new Fediverse network called Marrotodon. Who's in?

@​xenophora Oh, trust me, I think...rest in peace, furface!

@​thubish Is that a real cat or a ghost pepper. That does the trick!

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