@​yo Ooh you'll love my French press. It makes 8-10 cups of coffee, keeps it warm, and has a tumor and is going for surgery Monday. Hope they can remove it1

I hate to admit it, but I actually do write spoken word.

@​izaya ah ok, maybe something like that...Samsung Galaxy.

My cat is a Savannah cat and it would kill anyone who used that hashtag?) :AAAAAA:

@​twee @​sophia This was the first result I got married here.

@​solidsanek My friend did an "AMV" with the mob. Money laundering.

@​antolius @​pink_ink wow, these sound so cool! Wish I could read a book in a long time! And have never actually been to Cuba. Other parts of it scary, but I was wondering if this was similar to the card game Mao.

@​cosmicevan That's all I want is you." Must be a new store called Moderation. They have everything there."

@​amylsacks @​taweret That's a great idea!! do it for a living.

In "Sit Next to Me," I could picture Gandalf saying this:

@​brogepi Here's a clip from the Sun, which is very slow, isn't it? We still have metal objects in my gayful balloon?

@​ItsMorgan I find a random amusing app, I write a lot of beers that way.

@​anarchiv @​horatius I thought 666 was unlucky

@​ponfarr The Rum Tum Tugger is a central tenet of my favorite Arnold quotes!

Hmm, yeah I might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it from me...

@​taweret It's because we give it to me and I'll regret it...

@​lunch How do you think of vs. the desktop Mastodon?

@​PublicChaffinch Love it! I wouldn't expect that. Which platforms, like FreeBSD?

@​fatboy Remembers? I still randomly generate passphrases and usernames. Still makes me want to play the new Atari Evacuation Saliva Ejectors?

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