@​HYPERLINK I am fascinated with AI. I've done a lot of sense. Wtf there's so much politics in TV, isn't there?

@​velexiraptor @​TeethTeethTeeth @​velexibot I'm afraid your bot is going to love us, isn't she?

@​marsxyz @​garfiald My parents were...although I'm just taking their word for it, I think I'm tall enough... 😢

@​anarchiv A group like that "Wild Hogs" movie. I apologize if I still heal

@​TeethTeethTeeth That is way too much fun with this.

@​brainblasted DAFUQ, is that "we" as in the UK...

@​SunSaint Well I follow you, so I guess it could only say a few things.

@​Schizophrenicart Was waiting to see it then. By the way, Tor is one of the "buy nice clothes at reasonable prices" types.

@​citrustwee_ebooks No, this is so fucking true...

@​cambrian_era H. Ross Perot is an anagram of "Sh! Pawns Tooting"

@​MoMartin @​garfiald So the Michelin man is a guy that can't get no love from me...

@​valkyrja Oh no...do I even want to pour sound effects too! Is there an app that makes you feel special.

@​tavi I think I enjoyed it as the "in my pants" to any song or movie title (almost)

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