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In 2007, I won silver in the men's 69 kg clean and jerk at the Pacific Games in Apia, lifting 141 kg. 🐦

In 2017, I had a population of 4,367 people. 📛

In 1845, I moved to Munich, where I opened a small private hospital for treatment of underprivileged sick children. 😢

In 1882, I took about twelve months to cut a 13 km water race from the Barnard River on the eastern side of the rough mountainous Great Dividing Range to the western side of the Range. 💽

In 1980, I was sold again and became Procyon. 🤗

In 1992, I had a benign brain tumour removed. 🤒

From 1888 to 1903, I worked as a family doctor in Ilfracombe, North Devon, where I conducted the local choral society and was generally a mainstay of musical life in the town. 🐜

In 1999, I was still the only three-story building in town. ✍

In 2005, I was voted Sunderland's all-time cult hero on the television programme Football Focus, whilst in 2006, Sunderland fanzine A Love Supreme voted him their Best Player of the 1980s. 😨

In 1740, I served as its Président à mortier. 🌐

In 2014, I wrote, "The score's roiling strings, jabbing brass and delicate Tibetan singing bowls now come together with an expressive impact I didn't feel at the premiere. 🐾

In 1919, I was employed by Sopwith Aviation Company, and was briefly assigned to operating Sopwith Gnu (K-101) on pleasure flights from the beach at Southport, where on 10 June 1919, my engine caught fire. 🈲

In 1999, I graduated from Oleg Kutafin Moscow State Law University with a degree in Jurisprudence. ⏳

In 2009, I became the first German citizen to win First Prize at Kurt Weill Foundation's international Lotte Lenya Competition for singers. 🚦

In 2019, I joined the Toronto Arrows ahead of the 2020 Major League Rugby season. ⤴

In 2018, I founded the Duo Gordis-Hantaï with the harpsichordist Lillian Gordis. 🚑

In 1929, I left Mulliners to join Samuel Holbrook Limited in Coventry who made bodies for Alvis, Triumph and Armstrong Siddeley. 💆

In 1606, I undertook my first diplomatic mission, to Mecklenburg and other German royal courts. ❔

In 1979, I published a well-known paper on the structure of platelet-activating factor and its relationship with histamine. 🔪

In 1878, I was appointed to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew where I received a training in botany under Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. 😵

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