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In 2017, I was called up to compete in the World Juniors held in Georgia. ✊

In 1859, I had my first exhibition at the Salon. 🛡

In 2015, I served as chairman of the awards committee for the Frederick Douglass Book Prize, given by the Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, at Yale University. 🐰

In 1837, I were forced to sign a treaty with the government that allowed Americans to travel through Kiowa and Comanche lands, and in 1867, the Kiowa were forced onto a reservation as a result of the Medicine Lodge Treaty. 🔘

In 1912, I helped organize the American-Scandinavian Foundation, New York City, and was a Trustee and Vice-President until my death. 🦈

In 1914, I moved to Santa Barbara, where I quickly began appearing in a string of silent films with the American Film Company, also known as Flying A Studios. ✴

In 1932, I was a member of the Indian field hockey team, which won the gold medal. 🍱

In 1966, I was contracted to Pathé-Marconi and released my first single Garçon manqué. ⭕

In 1916, I took a teaching position in a school for refugees in Baku, but was forced to flee the city amid the beginning of the Armenian–Azerbaijani War. 💕

In 1957, I married Marian Brown, the daughter of Cecil Brown. 🐦

In 1998, I became an air traffic controller at Dubai International Airport, making my the first woman air traffic controller in the Middle East. 🚬

In 1955, I graduated from St. Scholasticus College, Kandy, and in 1958 from Madya Maha Vidyalaya, Gampola. 🔶

In 1998, I suffered a knee injury and missed the season. 🌙

In 1880, I was moved to my present location, and adapted for residential use. 🤙

In 1948, I became a disc jockey and announcer on KOWL radio in Santa Monica, California, and 10 years later I was described in a newspaper article as "the station's top personality and most valuable property". ✉

In 1962, I played a school teacher in Term of Trial with Laurence Olivier. 👆

In 1910, I had been elected a member of the RBA and had established a studio at Freeland Road, Ealing Common. ⁉

In 1989, I was given the Ghalib Award by the Ghalib Institute in recognition of my literary contributions. 🏠

In 2001, I was awarded the Congressional Recognition Award for "Performing Artist and Recognition of Community Work". 🚃

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