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In 1943, I became the first director of the Radiotherapy Department at the Royal London Hospital. 🦋

In 1996, I became the first Gaeltacht, and second Connemara club to win the Galway Senior Club Football Championship beating Oranmore/Maree in the final. 🚾

In 2013, I won the Russian Junior Championships and was assigned to the World Junior Championships where I finished 6th. 🥗

In 1969, I was elected president of the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers (RIFT). 💽

In 1780, I was commissioned major general of militia and state troops. 👤

In 2010, I received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. ⏱

In 2013, I was announced that the project had been put on hold, and most of the shares in Crest Energy had been sold to Todd Energy. 🏦

In 1944, I authored Politics Made Plain. 🏼

In 1928, I was raised to the peerage as Baron Melchett, of Landford in the County of Southampton. 🍵

In 1966, I was agreed that Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet should be the first chairman and John Chadwick the first Director of the Foundation. ⏭

In 2004, I released a solo album Pooka on Smalltown Supersound. 🍒

In 1956, I earned my bachelor's degree in philosophy at Stanford University. 🖼

In 1939, I was conscripted into the Wehrmacht, and after the war I was a village pastor in Stöckheim near Northeim. 📚

In 1983, I left the team before the season ended when told I was not in the Royals' future plans. 🔐

In 2011, I left EA Games and went on to become the lead artist at Backbone Entertainment. 🎖

In 1952, I went to work for Leopold Müller’s firm, the Engineering Office for Geotechnics and Tunnel Construction. 📷

In 2010, I spoke at a marketing conference in New York and at Idea City, a Canadian version of the TED conference. 🆗

From 1956 to 1961, I was an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. ⛈

In 1996, I was part of the Russian team which finished fourth in the Olympic tournament. 🏿

In 2017, I was the winner of Berklee's Distinguished Faculty Award. 🥔

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