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In 2020, I was defeated in an upset by Republican Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung, the wife of Cranston mayor Allan Fung. πŸš₯

In 2018, I was announced that CJ E&M will be merging with CJ O Shopping, creating a new company. πŸ…

In 1971, I became an advocate of the High Court and in 1976 as an advocate of the Supreme Court. πŸ—―

In 2009, I pitched for the Helena Brewers of the Rookie-level Pioneer League, where I was named a Pioneer League All-Star pitcher. ✳

In 2009, I reopened in new premises designed by the American architect Steven Holl. βœ…

In 1973, I won the Russian and World Student (i. πŸ”

In 1989, I was hired by Anthony Summers to conduct research for his book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J Edgar Hoover, a biography of the powerful long-time Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. πŸ€“

In 1990, I left my job to become a part-time bonsai professional. πŸͺ

In 2008, I visited Maine in United States to give lectures on Sikhism to the students of Colby College[citation needed]. πŸ”—

In 1993, I was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Letters) by the University of Bath. 🏎

In 1939, I retired as the president of the Hartford Lumber Company after 39 years. 🏡

In 2007, I vied for the position of Member of parliament for Maragua constituency but lost to Elias Mbau. πŸ“„

In 1896, I had a breakout season, hitting . πŸ•–

In 1968, I appeared in The Vengeance of I under the name "Olinka Berova", and used that name for several more films. β—Ύ

In 2011, I reassumed the title of president. πŸ’»

In 1865, I was brevetted a brigadier general. πŸ“Ή

In 2012, I established Nikolina Nikoleski Dance Academy where I runs classes in contemporary dance, ballet and Bharatanatyam. 🌩

In 2002, I completed painting courses at Loyola University Chicago. ⬇

In 1994, I was released in the classic range by Sega as Grandslam (Classic). πŸ’­

In 1697, I was taken into Plymouth Dockyard to be rebuilt by Benjamin Rosewell, and I was relaunched in November 1703 as a 66-gun third rate once again. β™ˆ

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