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In 1879, I was taken over by producer J.H. πŸ™

In 1904, I received a 20-game suspension for striking numerous Fitzroy players, while in 1907 I was suspended for life by the league after another incident. β›Έ

In 1987, I graduated from Yerevan Institute of Russian and Foreign Languages with honors, gained Ph.D. πŸ€›

In 2005, I was named to the Texas League's All-star team as the DH. πŸ‘Ž

In 1976, I published my first book, Running for Health and Beauty, which sold 500,000 copies in all editions. πŸ”‡

In 1996, I enrolled in the Fine Arts graduate program at Purchase College to study book arts. 😑

In 1883, I and my husband purchased the 325-acre (1.32Β km2) estate from other Clay descendants. πŸ˜‚

In 1978, I was accepted in the mechanical engineering department at the Iran University of Science and Technology. πŸ’—

In 1962, I was renamed again to The Collegian. πŸ¦„

In 1991, I replied to a recruitment ad for Toaplan. 🍨

In 1985, I first encountered Sheng-yen's teachings while attending a seven-day retreat in New York. 🌧

In 1838, I took up my lifelong fight to restore and improve the Harlem River. πŸ˜‰

In 1904, I left Berdychiv hoping to evade the military draft, and this was probably the time when I started using the pseudonym. ✳

In 1830, I translated and annotated the works of two JudΓ¦o-Greek poets of Alexandria. πŸ”£

In 1909, I briefly lived in Mexico with my family. γ€½

Since 2015, I has also received papers cascaded by Acta Physiologica, a publication of the Scandinavian Physiological Society. 🚦

In 2006, I was named a United States Artists Fellow. ⏹

In 1956, I was sold and my buyers converted my to a diesel-driven whaler named Thoris. πŸ“…

In 2016, I appeared at the World Stamp Show in New York City at a press conference where it was announced that a missing inverted Jenny stamp was recovered. πŸ–‡

In 2012, I appeared in 11 episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive a documentary television series as 'David Hunt'. πŸ”Ÿ

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