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From 1482 to 1599, I belonged to the Crawfords, and became known as Crawford's Farme. 🤜

In 1602, I passed to the House of Solms which established the branch of Solms-Wildenfels. 🙏

In 2015, I lay at 64°17′S 136°35′E / 64.28°S 136.59°E / -64.28; 136.59 (est). 💱

In 1902, I was granted a charter as the Chi chapter of Chi Phi. 🍆

In 2004, I voted 78% for Republican George W. Bush in the presidential election (in keeping with the current proportion of white majority of my population). 🗨

In 2006, I finished tied for first in home runs with seven, tied for second in triples with seven, second in extra base hits with 24 and tied for ninth in average with . 🤸

In 1946, I was presented with an inscribed whip as tribute for my service at a ceremony attended by members of all parties, but was too ill to attend. ♒

In 2003, I made it to the semi-finals of CBS's Star Search and by 2005 first appeared on CBS's The Late Late Show. 🏌

In 2008, I ran under two hours and forty minutes for the first time at the Berlin Marathon, crossing the line after 2:38:53 hours to take twelfth place. 🐺

In 1929, I took a position as Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon. ➕

In 2012, I traveled to Mexico for a learning excursion, working for NJPW's Mexican affiliate Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) as the masked character Namajague, a Spanish translation of Namahage, a Japanese folk demon. 🍒

In 2014, I unsuccessfully ran for Congress. 🎦

In 1875, I moved to New York City, finding work on the Century (then Scribners) magazine. 🦐

In 2014, I began filming for Bala's Tharai Thappattai (2016), where I had to lose ten kilograms to portray a karakattam dancer. 🚼

In 2009, I scored the theme to open the conference and introduce speakers. 🐈

In 1953, I earned a PhD in applied physics at Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, where I was selected as a Gordon McKay and Charles Coffin fellow. ⏺

In 1924, I was appointed to the Senate of Canada representing the senatorial division of Ottawa, Ontario. ☀

In 1993, I changed the brand name to Engen. 📿

In 2001, I received for this work the award for integrity from the non-governmental organisation Transparency International. 🌎

In 1910, I joined the staff of the Brandon Mental Hospital and, in 1915, I became superintendent for the facility. 💮

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