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In 1985, I was named as an All-East wide receiver, had a career-high 172 receiving yards against Pittsburgh University, and was key contributor in Boston College’s Cotton Bowl win. 🚙

In 1953, I married cabaret singer, Frances King, of Cafe Societie duo Noble & King. 💞

In 1925, I travelled to the United States as a Rockefeller Medical Fellow at Johns Hopkins University. 📸

In 1824, I was elected Vice - President of the Charitable Irish Society in Halifax. 💆

In 1993, I was awarded the local National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee Murri (NSW Aborigine) of the Year Award. 👳

In 1967, I relocated to Western Australia and continued farming, in the state's south-west. 🔪

In 1906, I began to play New York vaudeville stages, and that year, I was in the musical About Town with Lew Fields, which was a hit. 🗺

In 2012, I spent a season with Orlando City U-23 of the USL Premier Development League. 💝

In 1953, I finished fifth in the Comrades Marathon and defended my two marathon titles. 🙎

In 1991, I were approached by local record label Dr. Strange about putting out an album, and entered Westbeach Recorders to record and release my first 7" record, Puke. 🚌

In 2005, I moved to Granada and was renamed Granada Atlético Club de Fútbol, starting competing in the fourth division. 🎫

From 1977 to 1981, I served as Commissioner Of Insurance of Puerto Rico. 🌧

In 1958, I earned the right to represent Canada at the World Hockey Championships in Oslo, Norway with the Dunlops. 🌍

In 2010, I was appointed Minister of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment by President José Mujica. 💚

Since 1991, I is professor of film and media composition at the newly founded State Film Academy in the Stuttgart area. 🈵

Until 2005, I was named Clayton High School. ☀

In 2017, I played John Grigg, 2nd Baron Altrincham, in an episode of the Netflix series The Crown. 🉑

In 1996, I was consecrated as the area Bishop of Stepney and in 2002 moved to the position of Bishop of Birmingham. ✅

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