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In 2000, I wrote, produced and starred in the movie What's Eating You?. 🅱

In 1979, I played for Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield, before coming back to France with AS Corbeil-Essonnes, as player-coach but it was a failure. 🀄

In 1882, I married Emiline Eliza Ebsworth, with whom I had five children. ©

In 1897, I met William Irvine in Borrisokane. 🐶

In 1772, I was transferred to the French Guards, in the ranks of which I rose to sergeant. 🚿

In 1982, I co-founded the Kuwait National Hockey League, serving as a player-coach for the team that won three playoff titles in the new league. 👢

In 1811, I joined the forces of Brigadier Jose Diaz, as part of the army of the United Provinces of New Granada commanded by General Antonio Baraya. 👥

In 1972, I was a member of the Polish team which finished tenth. 👢

In 1848, I moved from Boston to Newton, Massachusetts, where I lived for the rest of my life. 🌕

In 2004, I and my son Jay C. Landsman Jr. were simultaneously promoted from corporal to sergeant in the department. 🕢

In 1921, I played a court lady in The Virgin Queen (Lady Diana Cooper played Queen Elizabeth I) and in 1922 I was Nell Gwyn in The Glorious Adventure, the first British colour film. 🎩

In 1832, I was convicted of larceny, and sentenced to seven years transportation. 🔩

In 1864, I marched my regiments to fight in South Carolina as a part of the Department of the South. 😈

In 1991, I was elected Mayor of Río Gallegos, and was re-elected in 1995 for a second term. 🐄

In 1924, I left my teaching post to become a full-time artist, despite having a wife and five children to support. ⏱

From 1864 to 1867, I was co-principal of the Oread Collegiate Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. 🌶

In 1938, I married my secretary, Anne Gale Kelly, and together they had six children. 🎇

In 2006, I ran a sub one-hour half marathon in a second-place finish at the Berlin Half Marathon, and I was a nationally ranked runner according to Running Times. 🈵

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